Even though PUBG Mobile has been banned in India, nothing can stop gamers in the country to enjoy this BR title in different ways. Recently, players get really excited when seeing a new bunker in the Karakin map in the game. PUBG Mobile Karakin bunker is a new feature and scattered all over the map. Check out all Bunker locations on this new map and things to loot in these bunkers below.

About PUBG Mobile Karakin Bunker

Bunker is a new feature in PUBG Mobile Karakin. It's hidden under a dome or behind breakable walls in offices. There are two types of domes on this new map, one with an underground bunker and plenty of loots and the other with a heap of rubble. Those domes filled with rubbles have no bunker and loot.

Domes With Secret Bunkers
Domes With Flags Have Secret Bunkers And Loots.

It's very easy to differentiate those domes and know which one has a secret bunker to explore and loot. From outsides, you can find a dome with a bunker if there is a flag at the door of the dome. When you get into the dome, you will see a door on the ground that can be broken by a bomb explosion. As sticky bomb replaces frag grenade on this new map, you have to pick up some sticky bombs and bring it with you to beak many breakable structures.

Domes Without Bunkers
Domes with rubble insides do not have secret bunkers.

Moreover, there are many different types of secret bunkers in PUBG Mobile Karakin. Some bunkers have only one floor with fewer supplies to loot. Meanwhile, some other bunkers have up to three floors with a lot of good loots, including rare weapons and gears. Besides, some bunkers have many entrances while many bunkers have only one door.

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PUBG Mobile Karakin Bunker Locations

There are many domes scattered around this new map. However, not all of those domes have secret bunkers underground to loot. Here are all places you can find accessible PUBG Mobile Karakin bunkers to loot weapons and gears. There are 13 bunkers, including three 3-way bunkers, five 2-way bunkers, and five dead-end bunkers.

Rocket Launcher Breaks Bunker Door
Use A Sticky Bomb Or Rocket Launcher To Break The Bunker Door

#1. South Hill In Hadiqua Nemo

There is a small hill in the South of Hadiqua Nemo, a small town near the Southwest border of Karakin. From this hill, you can look to the South and see the sea. The entrance of the bunker is not located inside a dome as normal. It's hidden behind a breakable wall on the hill foot.

Bunker In South Of Hadiqua Nemo
You can find a bunker in the South of Hadiqua Nemo.

After breaking the wall, you can access the underground tunnels and loot many level-2 and level-3 gears. There are many small rooms in the center of the bunker. Moreover, there is another door at the end of the tunnel that leads to the other side of the hill. It's a single-floor bunker.

#2. End Of Hadiqua Nemo Mountain

There is a big bunker in the south end of Hadiqua Nemo Mountain. It's located between Hadiqua Nemo and Al Hayik, on the right of the negative vertical axis of this map. This bunker has three entrances and many routes inside it to explore. Those tunnels also link three doors of the secret bunkers that lead to different places.

Bunker In South Of Hadiqua Nemo Mountain
You will find a big bunker in the South Of Hadiqua Nemo Mountain

This big bunker has a lot of good loots, including the rare rocket launcher PanzerFäust. Moreover, this bunker has three floors and three big tunnel rooms, including a submerged room and many secret rooms behind breakable walls.

#3. West Of Al Hayik

This secret bunker has two doors and two tunnels perpendicular to each other. You can find this spot on the left of the negative vertical axis of the minimap. This bunker also has only one floor. Besides, you can find a very small bunker in the north of this 2-door tunnel. That bunker is so small that you can only use it to hide in some panic situations. It only has one entrance.

Small Bunker In Al Hayik
There is a small dead-end bunker in Al Hayik.

#4. In The Northwest Of Karakin

You can hardly find a big PUBG Mobile Karakin bunker in the Northwest corner of the map. Instead, there are four small bunkers in this area. Three of them are located totally in the Northwest quarter of the map, around Bahr Sahir.

All Bunker Locations
There are four small bunkers at the top left of the map.

Players can find another small bunker in the dome on the top of the mountain right below the negative horizontal axis of the minimap. Three of those four small bunkers have only one entrance. The two-door bunker at 10 o'clock is pretty bigger. It also has a big tunnel room to explore and loot.

#5. In The Map Center

Two of the three biggest bunkers in Karakin are located in the center of the map, at the intersection of the X and Y axes. Both of them are three-way bunkers with one or two big tunnel rooms. These big tunnels have multiple floors, tunnels, secret rooms, and plenty of decent loots.

Big Tunnels In The Map Center
Two big tunnels in the Karakin map are placed in the center of the map.

From these two bunkers, you head to the East along the horizontal axis to reach a small dead-end bunker. It's located right below the positive horizontal axis of the minimap.

#6. Al Habar

The two left bunkers are placed around Al Habar, a big city in the Northeast corner of this map. Both of them are 2-way tunnels. The first tunnel is hidden inside a big Lightning Center on the top of a mountain. Find a breakable wall, break it with a sticky bomb or PanzerFäust and find the door of the bunker on the ground. The other one is hidden under a dome.

Those are all locations of the PUBG Mobile Karakin bunker. Bring some sticky bombs or rocket launchers to break the door and enter those bunkers. Moreover, watch out for enemies around and check the bunkers carefully. If you see an opened bunker, the enemies can be still insides. It's better to camp them at all entrances than rushing enemies in the bunker.

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