Here are the best Chinese PUBG Mobile players. These players have not only great skills but also excellent tactics to win every combat. Therefore, you can learn a lot from them to play like a pro player. Check them out below with

#9. SMG YYang

This player is one of the best fraggers in PUBG Mobile China. His short-range and mid-range skills are very impressive. He can spray bullets with no recoil even when using M249. Moreover, the panic situation tactics of this excellent player are also good.

Like most of the other pro fraggers in PUBG Mobile, YYang prefers to use the stable assault rifle M416 because it lets him spray bullets in both short and mid-range fights without recoil. Besides, he also likes using UZI, the most stable and powerful SMG in this game.

Smg Yyang
The short-range and mid-range skills of SMG YYang are very impressive.

#8. WF ChengC

He is known as one of the top Chinese PUBG Mobile players for his spectacular fragger performance in PEL. With excellent combat skills, WF ChengC and his teammate had a good position in PEL 2020.

This player can deal with close combat excellently. However, he left a deep impression and made a lot of audiences of PEL 2020 drop their jaw by his mid-range spray. He often goes in front of the team and engages in combat actively.

ChengC is a good rusher with good combat skills and quick reflexes.

#7. ELG Beizai

This young PUBG Mobile player is the top fragger in ELP 2020 and one of the best Chinese PUBG Mobile players. Unlike the two previous fraggers, Beizai is widely known for his excellent hip-fire skill.

He also uses his great hip-fire skill to clutch many teams during his journey in this PUBG Mobile tournament in China. His name is always mentioned in the list of top 10 Chinese PUBG Mobile players in this esports event.

This young PUBG Mobile player is the top fragger in ELP 2020 and PUBG Mobile China.

#6. 4 AM Svan

Svan is an important player in the team Four Angry Men. This PUBG Mobile player also has a lot of girl fans because he is very handsome. More than that, Svan impressed audiences and other players with his great game sense and combat tactics.

His movements are also excellent enough to save him in many 1v3 or 1v4 situations and let him do a clutch. This player also masters many skills, such as pre-fire and hip-fire. Svan also has a YouTube channel where he makes PUBG Mobile live-stream. Svan is also the MVP of the league stage with 144 kills.

This PUBG Mobile player also has a lot of girl fans because he is very handsome.

#5. JCR Wyy

This PUBG Mobile player has the best grenade skill. He can be the best grenade user you have ever seen. Moreover, he is one of the best Chinese PUBG Mobile players and the most perfect players who can deal with all situations, rushes, and ranges of combat.

Therefore, Wyy is very dangerous and scary to his enemies. He is good enough to take the role of squad leader. His sniping skill is also mind-blowing. He can also spray M416 with 4x scope with no recoil in mid-range fights.

Wyy is one of the most perfect players who can deal with all situations, rushes, and ranges of combat.

#4. 4 AM Suk

This China's best PUBG mobile player is also a member of the team Four Angry Men. Like Svan, Suk is also an excellent fragger. He co-operated with his teammate very well to eliminate all enemies and get Chicken Dinner for Four Angry Men during PEL Finals.

Unlike Svan, his teammate in the team 4 AM, Suk prefers to use his great ADS skill in close-range combat for better aiming and quicker clutch. Besides, he also makes a good cover for the other fragger in his team perfectly.

4 Am Suk
Suk is also an excellent fragger.

#3. SMG FlowerC

FlowerC is called the King of UZI because of his GOD-level skill and GOD-like performance when he has this SMG in his hand. But it does not mean that he is not good when using other weapons. This Chinese pro player can still do some clutch when using ARs and DMRs.

In short, he can make highlights with any weapon in his hand. He is called the UZI King because he mak more clutches with this powerful SMG and makes this gun more beast-like when he encounters enemies with more powerful ARs.

Flower C
FlowerC can make highlights with any weapon in his hand.

#2. XQF Order

This is the most versatile player in China who masters all skills and combat. Firstly, he can spray to kill enemies without recoil and mistake in mid-range combat. Secondly, he will definitely blow your mind with his GOD-level sniping skill with a guaranteed kill per shot.

Next, he can predict the movements of targets to shoot them down even when they move trickily. In short, he has all the required abilities of all squad roles, from fragger to sniper. Moreover, this player also surprises you will his great game sense.

#1. XQF Paraboy

His standard and abilities are undeniable. It's not surprising when he ends the match with eleven to fifteen kills. Paraboy from team XQF can master all ranges of fights, all weapons, and all situations. He can take down the moving targets as fast as standstill targets.

All weapons became beast-like when it is in his hands. Paraboy and his teammates bring the name of his team to the top position of the Overall Standing Board in PEL 2020.

Those are the nine best Chinese PUBG Mobile players. You will learn a lot from their performances or just enjoy it as a spectacular action movie. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and top lists, let's visit our website.