UZI and Beryl M762 are two favorite weapons for PUBG Mobile close-quarter combat. Both of them are powerful because of their high rate of fire. But which one is better?

PUBG Mobile UZI Vs Beryl M762

Both Beryl M762 and UZI have a high rate of fire. Therefore, these weapons are very powerful in short-range fights. Micro UZI is a stable and strong submachine gun while M762 is a super powerful assault rifle. Although they belong to different weapon categories, they are favorite weapons for close combat.

Uzi Vs M762 In Close Combat
UZI Vs M762 In Close Combat


The base damage of M762 is much higher than that of Micro UZI. The base damage of M762 is 46 while it's only 26 in Micro UZI.

Base Damage Comparision
Base Damage Comparision

However, Mirco UZI has a higher rate of fire. It can shoot 21 bullets in a second while M762 can shoot only 11 bullets per second. Therefore, UZI has a higher damage per second which is 546 while it's 506 in M762.

Beryl Has Higher Headshot Damage
Beryl Has Higher Headshot Damage

Therefore, it takes UZI less time to kill than M762. But the headshot damage of Beryl is higher. You can take the enemies down in only 2 - 3 bullets when making a headshot with this AR.


Although UZI has a higher rate of fire, it's still more stable than M762. You can shoot with no recoil even when you don't use a compensator for this SMG. Meanwhile, Beryl is one of the hardest weapons to control with very high recoil.

Uzi Is More Stable
Uzi Is More Stable

Therefore, you have to use some attachments, such as vertical grip and compensator to make it more stable. With this feature, UZI is more preferred by beginners in PUBG Mobile because they can shoot more accurately with very low recoil. That's also the reason while it takes this SMG less time to kill.

Ammo Capacity & Reload Duration

M762 has higher ammo capacity with or without extended mag than UZI. However, Micro UZI has a faster reloading speed. It can be a big advantage in close combat.