PUBG Mobile Global version has been banned in India. Many players are trying to play this game on other versions, such as PUBG Mobile VN and PUBG Mobile KR. Which exclusive version is better? Check out some significant differences between these two alternative game versions here.

PUBG Mobile VN Version Vs KR Version

These two exclusive game versions remain the original gameplay and form of the global version. However, regional providers added some unique features. Here are some differences between these two versions.

Pubg Mobile Vn
Vietnamese version has the same gameplay and features as the global version.

Log-in Rewards

The log-in rewards of the VN version include supply crate coupon scraps, BP, silver coins, and Hero's crate. Besides, the Kr version has more attractive weekly log-in rewards, including a classic crate coupon scrap, a premium crate coupon scrap, a supply crate coupon scrap, a Donkatsu medal, 2000 BP, and silver coins.

Weekly Log In Rewards
Weekly Log-In Rewards Of PUBG Mobile VN.


The Korean and Vietnamese versions have many exclusive events apart from the common events in the global version. However, the KR version has more big rewards than other versions. You can get many stunning and valuable rewards that may cost a lot of UC in other versions, such as avatar frames, rare bundles, etc.

Pubg Mobile Kr
Players of the PUBG Mobile Kr version have more events to join

Purchasing Crates

PUBG Mobile KR version lets players buy crates with Donkatsu medals that can be obtained for free from events and achievement missions. Meanwhile, players on other versions, such as global and Vietnamese versions, have to top up UC to buy crates.

Kr Version Lets Players Buy Crates
The Korean Version Lets Players Buy Crates With Donkatsu Medals

Joining Global Clans

Although PUBG Mobile KR gives players a lot of attractive rewards, it still loses a lot of players because this game version does not let players join global clans. However, the PUBG Mobile VN version allows players to join global clans and make friends with players in other servers and game versions. That's why the game version of VNG attracts more foreign players.