Close combat sensitivity PUBG Mobile also affects the ultimate match result in this game. Therefore, you need proper sensitivity settings and some tips for close-range combat to get Chicken Dinner. Check them out below with

Best Sensitivity For Close Combat PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile close combat, you should use hip-fire or short-range scopes. Therefore, just focus on the sensitivity settings of the character's camera and short-range scopes, such as red dot, holographic sight, and 2x scope.

  • Camera Sensitivity For Free Look: About 120% for FPP or TPP, based on your chosen gameplay. The camera sensitivity should be about 150-160% so that you will look and spot enemies around quickly.
Ads Sensitivity For Close Range Combat
PUBG Mobile Recommended ADS Sensitivity For Close-Range Combat
  • Non-Gyro players should leave the sensitivity of short-range scope lower than the camera sensitivity settings but higher than mid and long-range scope so that you can switch the scopes on and off quickly or switch between enemies without a pause. For example, the recommended sensitivity is around 55% for the red dot and holo sights and about 35% for 2x scope.
Gyro Sensitivity
This is a recommended gyro sensitivity setting for close-quarter combat in PUBG Mobile.
  • Gyro players need a higher sensitivity level for those cameras and scopes. Because it should be sensitive enough so that your phone can catch up with the instant movements of your hands. The recommended sensitivity is around 300% for all close-range sights and scopes.

Then, you should adjust your own camera sensitivity settings based on your devices and the features of the weapons you use. Next, you need some pro tips to clear enemies and win in every close combat.

Besides, you should select the Smooth Graphics quality and Extreme Frame Rate. Besides, the colorful style is highly recommended because it lets you play this game with low ping. If you choose the Ultra Graphics quality, you may experience the problem of game lag.

Best Tips To Win Close-Range Fights

Apart from a pro close combat sensitivity PUBG Mobile, you also need some pro tips to win every instant combat in a short distance. Here are some recommended tips and tactics for close-range fights in PUBG Mobile that you may need.

Close Range Combat
You will engage in close-range fights very often.

Choose Proper Guns For Close-Range Fights

PUBG Mobile has a large weapon collection for different ranges of fights. Among them, shotguns and SMGs are the favorite guns for short-range combat because of their stability and low recoil. Besides, if you get an M249 or a DP-28, you will have a great advantage thanks to the large ammo capacity of those light machine guns.

Best Close Combat Combo
Best Close Combat Combo

However, pro players in PUBG Mobile often use powerful ARs with full-auto fire mode to take the enemies down fast. They often choose AKM, Beryl M762, and M416 with a quick-draw extended mag to clutch a full squad in close-quarter combat in a blink. It's totally possible if you can headshot accurately and separate the enemy team to take the targets down one by one.

Use Smoke Grenade And Molotov Properly

Frag grenade is not highly recommended in close-range fights because you don't have time to cook it before throwing. But you can use the Molotov to cause a lot of damage to the target or even knock them down if the fire stuck them in a dead corner.

Use Smoke In Open Fights
Use Smoke In Open Fights

Cooking frag grenade to throw can be a deadly mistake when you have to expose your body out and let the enemies shoot you. If you want to engage in close combat, use some smoke grenades to cover your back and other sides from which you can get shot by other enemies.

Decide How To Aim Before You Engage

Most of the time, you will spray bullets with your ARs, LMGs, or SMGs. But if you have a shotgun, you will need to shoot in a different way. Therefore, you should decide whether you will stand face to face to shoot down the target or hide behind the cover to lean and peek.

Movement Combo
Movement Combo For Close-quarter Fights

If you have a shelter to hide, just lean and peek to spray bullets from that cover. But if you have a shotgun, keep moving, jumping to dodge, and shooting until the enemies are down. It's also necessary to take the distance between you and the target into consideration. You can hardly use a shotgun if he is too far away from you or he exposes a very small part of his body from behind the cover.

Hip-Fire Or ADS?

If the enemy is too close, don't open scope. Just use hip-fire. If he is about 100m away from you, you need to use aim down sight (ADS) to shoot accurately. Besides, listen to the footstep sound to know the distance of the enemy and prepare to shoot. When he is close to the corner you are camping, use hip-fire and pre-fire to surprise the target and get an easy kill.

Keep The Aim At Head Level
Keep The Aim At Head Level

In addition, you need to learn to keep the aim at head level. It's easy to master by practicing. Then, you need to keep the crosshair at the head level to get ready for a headshot if the enemy wants to surprise you. It works perfectly when you engage in close combat in some compounds or cities with a lot of corners for an ambush, such as Bootcamp in Sanhok, Pochinki in Erangel, or Pecado in Miramar, etc.

You should grab a shotgun and keep the aim at the head level while moving in those places. If an enemy jumps out to surprise you, just give him a 12-gauge bullet to his head and send him to the lobby. Don't use ARs or SMGs in this case because the enemies can pre-fire and take you down first with more damage.

This is a recommended close combat sensitivity PUBG Mobile and some chose fight tips. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.