PUBG Mobile 3x scope sensitivity will affect your performance in this game. This is one of the two most favorite scopes for bullet spray of pro players in PUBG Mobile. Let's check out some tips for 3x scope spray here with

About PUBG Mobile 3x Scope

PUBG Mobile offers a collection of scope for different ranges of combat, from short to long distance. It's an ideal scope for mid-range combat with 3x magnification. This mid-range scope is the most useful and effective within 100 meters and 400 meters. It gives the players a field of view of 26.66° and 10% ADS speed.

3x Scope Spray In Mid Range
3x Scope an ideal scope for mid-range combat with 3x magnification.

The model of this mid-range scope attachment was Vortex Spitfire 3X Prism Scope. It also has an EBR-556B reticle for aiming with some marks of range. 3x scope is compatible with most of PUBG Mobile weapons, from shotguns like DPS and S12K to SMGs, ARs, and SRs. Pistols, S686, S1897, UZI, and Thompson are some weapons that cannot use this scope in PUBG Mobile.

3x Reticle
It also has an EBR-556B reticle for aiming with some marks of range.

Best 3x Scope Sensitivity For PUBG Mobile

To use 3x scope like a pro player, you need a good sensitivity setting for this scope. Here are the recommended sensitivity settings for the 3x scope.

  • Camera sensitivity: The best camera sensitivity for 3x scope in this section is about 20-25%. It also based on the weapon you use. For example, you should leave it a little bit low when using some ARs/LMG with great recoils, such as AKM, Beryl M762, and M249. It helps avoid screen-shake and keep crosshair stable when you switch the scope on and off. When you use some stable guns, such as M416, UMP45, or DP-28, you can leave it a little higher to open and close the scope faster.
Camera Sensitivity
The best camera sensitivity for 3x scope in this section is about 20-25%.
  • ADS sensitivity: The recommended ADS sensitivity for this mid-range scope is about 30-35%. Like the previous sensitivity setting, you also adjust it based on the kind of weapons. If the gun has great recoil, leave it low to keep the crosshair standstill. If you use 3x scope for sniper rifles, leave it a bit higher to switch it off and on faster.
Ads Sensitivity
The recommended ADS sensitivity for this mid-range scope is about 30-35%.
  • Gyro sensitivity: Gyro players should leave the sensitivity of all scopes and camera perspectives higher than non-gyro players. The recommended gyro sensitivity for 3x scope is from 60-65%.
M416 And 3x Scope
M416 with 3x Scope is the best combo to spray bullets in mid-range combat.

With proper sensitivity settings, you will aim and shoot without the screen-shake problem. Then, you can shoot accurately and take the target down quickly. Besides, PUBG Mobile players should adjust PUBG Mobile 3x scope sensitivity based on their device quality and internet connection.

Pro Tips For PUBG Mobile 3x Scope Spray

PUBG Mobile players often use 3x scope to spray bullets in mid-range combat. Apart from an appropriate sensitivity setting, you also need some tips and tactics for pro 3x scope control and spray to win every mid-range combat.

  • Best Guns To Use 3x Scope

M416 and Beryl M762 are the two best ARs for the mid-range spray with 3x scope. Among them, M416 with 3x scope is the best mid-range combo for bullet spray because M416 is the most stable assault rifle in PUBG Mobile.

M416 And 3x
You should use a 3x scope with stable and balanced weapons to spray bullets.

Besides, DP-28 is also a stable weapon that can be used for 3x scope spray in mid-range fights. You can also lie on the ground to spray bullets with zero recoils thanks to the bipod. Or else, you can use 3x scope for M249 to lie and prone to shoot stably with the bipod.

  • PUBG Mobile Burst Fire With 3x Scope

You can also use this gun for burst fire mode or single fire mode in mid-range combat. It works effectively with standstill or sit-still targets. You can switch to burst or single game mode and tap quickly to shoot accurately and cause more accurate damage to the target.

3x Scope For Moving Target
3x Scope Is More Useful For Moving Target Than 4x Scope

This fire mode is more effective when you use a gun with great recoils, such as MK14, AKM, M762, Mk47, etc. But you should tap quickly to take down the target quickly before be can find the cover.

  • 3x Scope With Snipers/DMRs

You can also use this mid-range scope with sniper for sniper guns to take down the enemies in mid-range combat with one shot. For example, if you have a Kar98k, M24, or AWM with a suppressor, you can counter some mid-range targets and knock or kill him in one shot only. It's a good tactic for snipers in PUBG Mobile medium-range combat.

There are some marks of ranges in the scope. Then, you should spot the bullet lines as well as calculate the bullet drops in long-range combat to adjust the crosshair. Besides, this scope also works effectively in DMRs, such as SKS, SLR, and Mini-14.

  • Use Other Attachment For Spray With ARs

When you use the 3x scope to spray in mid-range combat with ARs, you should find some other attachments to reduce the gun recoil. For example, M762 and M416 have significant gun recoil when you spray bullets. You should attach a compensator and vertical grip to reduce the gun recoil and shoot more accurately.

Use Hip Fire Or Canted Sight
Use Hip Fire Or Canted Sight Instead If You Engage In Instant Close Combat.

If you use the light machine guns with bipods, make use of these attachments to make them easier to control. If you encounter enemies in close-range combat, don't switch on this scope. You can use a canted sight or hip fire instead to aim and shoot.

Those are some recommended PUBG Mobile 3x scope sensitivity settings and some tips to use 3x scope in this game. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.