M416, AKM, and DP-28 are the three most popular and favorite weapons in PUBG Mobile. All of them are powerful for bullet spray. But which one is the best? Let's compare and pick up the suitable gun for you in this game.

PUBG Mobile AKM Vs M416 Vs DP-28

These are beast weapons in PUBG Mobile with great power. But you only need one or two of them to get Chicken Dinner in a match. Let's compare and select the best weapon for you.


The first criterion of this comparison is the gun recoil. In short-range combat with no attachments, M416 and DP-28 are more stable. AKM has a higher vertical recoil. The horizontal recoil of M416 is higher than DP-28. So, DP-28 is the most stable and balanced gun in the short-range fire without attachment.

Pubg Mobile Gun Recoil
AKM has the greatest gun recoil among these three weapons.

When you attach suppressors, grips, and stock to reduce the gun recoil, M416 becomes the most stable weapon among them. DP-28 still has lower recoil than AKM. Therefore, you should choose M416 and DP-28 to use if you are not good at recoil controlling.

Akm Is The Most Powerful Gun In Short Range
AKM Is The Most Powerful Gun In Short-Range Combat.


M416 uses 5.56m ammo while DP-28 and AKM use 7.62mm ammo. Therefore, M416 is a little weaker than the two 7.62 weapons. In addition, AKM and DP-28 have the same damage per hit. In specific, you need 49 bullets to burst a UAZ with M416.

Akm Is More Popular Than Dp 28
AKM Is More Popular Than DP-28

Meanwhile, DP-28 and AKM only need 42 bullets in short-range combat. Besides, AKM is a little more powerful than DP-28 because it has a higher rate of fire.

Dp 28
DP-28 has the same damage as AKM


AKM and M416 are more popular than DP-28. They appear in all classic maps and game modes. Meanwhile, you can only find DP-28 on two maps, including Livik and Erangel.

Dp 28 Erangel
DP-28 only spawn on two maps: Erangel and Livik.

Moreover, DP-28 only has an attachment slot for a scope. AKM has three attachment slots for the scope, mag, and muzzle.