PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020 is live now with the Frost Erangel event mode and many events. This time-limited Frost Festival can be closed at the end of this month when the Christmas Festival is over. Before it finishes, let's join these events and collect all the attractive rewards. Let's check out how to play Frost Festival in PUBG Mobile here with

PUBG Mobile Frost Erangel

After the Metro Royale mode on the map Erangel, PUBG Mobile continued to launch the Frost Festival event mode on this map. This legendary map is always the map for events in this game with an event box for players to choose to activate the event map or not. The Frost Festival this year also takes place on the oldest map Erangel of this game.

New Lobby
PUBG Mobile introduced a new Frost Festival to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

To play Frost Erangel mode, you go to the mode selection. There is a small box in the option of Erangel. You put the yellow tick on that box to activate the Frost Erangel map. If you select the game mode successfully, the background picture is also changed to the snow Erangel map.

Frost Erangel
You can activate the Frosty Erangel map to play this new event mode.

When you enter the spawn island, you will see some snow locations on the minimap. There are some snow mountains and Ice Castles. You can use a snowboard to move in the ice castle or speed downhill.

The game brought back the snowboard to let players move faster on ice.

Moreover, these places also have a lot of good loots and also rare loots in a few loot crates. Therefore, these snow mountains and ice castles are often high-risk positions with about 3 to 4 teams landing there.

Erangel Map In Frost Mode
This event map has many Ice Castles and snow mountains.

Besides, the new game mode has new snowman throwables that work as snowballs. When you throw a snowman ball, it immediately creates a snowman statue on the ground to make a cover. But you can only pick these snowballs and snowman balls in snow spots.

Snowman Ball
You can loot some snowman balls and rare supplies in those castles.

Frost Festival Events

Apart from the new Frost Erangel map, the PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020 also introduced many fun and fruitful time-limited events with a lot of rewards. By completing simple daily missions, you can get many rewards, such as AG coins, classic coupon crates, BP coins, etc.

Holiday Market

This event lasts from December 18th, 2020 to January 1st, 2021. During this event, you have to collect as many Winter coins from the Holiday Market as possible to redeem items in the Event Shop. The stalls and shops in the market will produce these coins constantly event when you are offline. To reduce the time of coin production, you can do daily missions and receive materials to upgrade those winter shops in the market.

Holiday Market
You can visit the Holiday Market and collect winter coins from stalls.

The number of your coin savings is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Then, you can use those coins to go shopping in the Event Shop in the bottom right corner. You can use winter coins to buy the Snow Fashionista set in the shop and many other items.

  • Snow Fashionista top: 28k coins.
  • Snow Fashionista pants: 20k coins.
  • A pair of Snow Fashionista shoes: 16k coins.
  • Blue Glider Trail: 2k coins.
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap: 1k coins.
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scrap: 250 coins.
  • x30 AG: 250 coins.
  • x500 BP: 150 coins.
Event Shop
Then, use the winter coins to buy outfits and items in the Event Shop.

Moreover, you also receive some other rewards from the Clock Tower's Gift when the server you play reaches some milestones of progress points, including X50 AG, Supply Crate Coupon, and Classic Crate Coupon.

Frost Festival Luck Events

This time-limited event is available from December 18th to 25th, 2020. During the event, you complete event missions to earn more AG. The missions are very simple and easy to complete. The game developers launch this event to gift hard-working players. You only need to complete one to three classic matches, give LIKEs to friends one to five times per day, and send BP to one to three friends. The players completing all these missions can earn 235 AG coins per day.

Luck Events
You can earn 235 AG coins per day during the Luck Events in PUBG Mobile Frost Event.

Frost Festival Super Star

Super Star event is live between December 15th and 29th, 2020. You also complete daily missions to collect Books and redeem rewards. The event missions are simple, too. You are required to give LIKEs, Chicken, Hearts, and Roasted Chickens to friends to collect Book tokens.

Super Star
Players complete daily missions to collect Book tokens in the Super Star event.

In the Redeem Unbelievable rewards section, you can redeem Book tokens for attractive rewards, such as AG, Thrill Ride BP Crate, Classic Crate Coupon, Supply Crate Coupon, Motorcycle, and time-limited Riveting Set for males. This outfit reward is usable within 14 days.

Redeem Book Tokens
Then, use those book tokens to redeem amazing rewards.

Weekend Cheer!

This time-limited event lasts from December 18th to 21st, 2020. You have four days to collect many attractive rewards, such as Classic Crate Coupon Scraps, AG, and Supply Crate Coupon Scraps.

Weekend Cheer
Weekend Cheer event is live within four days, from this Friday.

The event missions are also simple that can be completed when you play the Classic mode. For example, you will need to play with friends, revive knocked teammates, and finish in the top 10 several times.

Frost Festival: Elation

Elation event takes place from December 14th to 21st, 2020. You also complete some easy-to-do missions, such as play classic matches, kill five enemies, get 35 tier points, or send Heart Chickens to friends to get rewards.

Elation Event
Elation Event gives you many rewards for completing easy missions.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile Frost Festival 2020 and some special events during this Winter Event. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news, tips, tricks, and more guides for gamers, let's visit our website.