PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are two mobile versions of the best Battle Royale game, PlayerUnknown's Battleground. These two games bring players a lot of interesting game modes apart from the classic battle royale mode. Check them out below.


PUBG Mobile Lite All Game Modes

PUBG Mobile Lite is the light version of PUBG Mobile. Therefore, it has fewer game modes to ensure the small size of this game app. In the Battle Royale mode, there are two maps with different features, including the Varenga map and Golden Woods map.

Pubg Mobile Lite Map
This lite version has two stunning maps.

Varenga is the first and oldest map in this game. Then, the game developers introduced a new Golden Woods map with beautiful sceneries. Besides, the Arcade mode has many permanent or time-limited game modes, such as:

  • Team Death Match: Warehouse (TMD). Two teams of four will enter a warehouse and try to kill as many enemies as possible. The team making 40 kills first will be the winner.
  • Payload. This game mode has arrived a few months ago, in the update 0.17.0. It was first introduced in PUBG Mobile and then brought to this lite version.
Payload Mode
You Can Use Helicopter And Many Heavy Weapons In The Payload Mode
  • Assault: The Ruins. It features close combat like TDM Warehouse but you play in the map Ruins.
  • War: It features a small battleground limited by the electric zone. The circle also shrinks and causes damage to kill players outside the playing zone.
Pubg Mobile Lite War Mode
The War Mode In This Game Is Very Exciting.
  • War-RPG: It's pretty similar to the War mode but the heavy weapon RPG makes the gameplay a little different.
  • Survive Till Dawn: Zombie Mode (Halloween Only).

PUBG Mobile All Game Modes

PUBG Mobile has more game modes and maps. Therefore, the game size is also larger. In the Classic rank mode, there are five battle royale maps, including Livik, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Moreover, the game also added some time-limited events in the Erangel map in the attached file, such as Metro Royale or Frost Erangel. Besides, the Unranked Classic mode is also activated for a limited period of time.

Classic Mode
The classic battle royale mode has 5 maps.

Besides, there are many other exciting game modes for global players to enjoy. Arcade mode includes three exciting game modes. Each of them has unique gameplay and rules.

  • Quick Match is an interesting 8-minute match.
  • Sniper Training is only open almost every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Besides, the time-limited War mode is open every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Arcade Mode
The Arcade Mode Has Three Interesting Game Modes

Evoground mode now only has a Payload 2.0 mode opened only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This special game mode has a lot of exclusive features, such as helicopters, geared trucks, tanks, and heavy weapons. Besides, you will enter a really interesting match of well-trained soldiers with more gear that you will not get in the classic battle royale mode.

The Payload 2.0 mode in the Evoground section will be open from Friday to Sunday Every Week.

Arena mode in PUBG Mobile has some similar game modes to PUBG Mobile Lite, such as TDM: Warehouse and Assault: Ruins. Besides, you can also select some exciting game modes to play in this section, such as Arena Training on the Warehouse map, Domination mode in the map Town, and Gun Game in the Library map. Like Payload 2.0, the Gun Game is also open on the three last days of the week.

Arena Mode
A lot of pro players come from Arena modes.

All those game modes are very exciting and fun. You should give all of them a try.