PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are the two most popular and played battle royale games. However, which one has the better battle royale mode and maps? Let's compare and pick up the better battle royale game here.

PUBG Mobile Vs COD Mobile Battle Royale Maps

Both of these BRGs have many battle royale maps with exciting battle royale gameplay. Besides, both COD mobile and PUBG Mobile offer other game modes to give players more fun with them. But fans of battle royale games tend to prefer the battle royale mode of these games and only play on battle royale maps.

Pubg Mobile Maps
PUBG Mobile classic mode has five battle royale maps.

In terms of the battle royale mode, PUBG Mobile has more battle royale maps than COD Mobile. In specific, there are five battle royale maps in PUBG Mobile, including Livik, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

Livik is a stunning map.
  • Livik: This 2x2km map is the newest and smallest map which has all features of the four previous maps. The game developers also introduced new exclusive weapons and a new vehicle on this map.
Erangel 2.0 has arrived
  • Erangel: It's the largest and oldest map in PUBG Mobile.
M16a4 4x
This is Miramar 2.0.
  • Miramar: It's a large desert.
Welcome to Sanhok
  • Sanhok: This map is launched after Erangel and Miramar. It's a tropical island with dense rain forests and southeast Asian climates, biomes, and constructions.
Let's visit Vikendi
  • Vikendi: It arrived later than Sanhok. This snow map is covered by snow and ice.
Cod Mobile Classic Map
CoD Mobile Classic Map

Meanwhile, COD Mobile only has two battle royale maps, including the Classic map and Alcatraz. There are no exact details of these two maps but both of them are large and stunning. There are houses, buildings, compounds, rivers, mountains, hills, and forests on these maps. Moreover, you can also get vehicles to move.

Alcatraz is a new map in COD Mobile

However, COD mobile battle royale maps have more heavy gears than in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, PUBG Mobile looks more like a survival game of normal people while COBD battle mode looks like a war of well-trained and geared soldiers.