Beryl M762 is one of the most powerful and popular assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. This is the full guide on how to spray optimally with this beast AR.

Complete Guide For PUBG Mobile M762

This gun uses 7.62mm ammo and causes a great damage point of 47. Its damage per second reaches 548.3. The effective fire range of this beast weapon is 400m, so it can be used for close and mid-range combat. Besides, this gun has a high firing rate of 0.086s, faster than AKM, and a high bullet speed of 715m/s.

Use 6x Scope As 3x Scope
Use 6x Scope As 3x Scope

M762 also has many attachment slots for muzzle, scope, grip, and mag. Without attachment, Beryl M762 is pretty hard to control because of the great vertical recoil. The suppressor and flash hider cannot help reducing gun recoil. Therefore, you should use a compensator for it. However, the horizontal recoil of this AR is very small, so it's the best gun for gyro players.

Red Dot M762
Red Dot is the best scope for close combat with M762.

Besides, the vertical grip and half grip also help you control this gun better. In addition, the best scope for this AR is a red dot for close combat and a 4x scope for burst fire mode in mid-range combat.

Use Hip Fire
Use Hip Fire For Instant Close Combat.

However, if you want to spay bullets in mid-range engagements, switch to a 3x scope to reduce the recoil. Or else, use a 6x scope as 3x scope for mid-range bullet spray.

6x Scope
6x Scope Is The Best Choice For Mid-range Fights.

You shouldn't use the iron sight because it's pretty hard to aim with the iron sight of this gun. If you don't have the red dot and 2x scope to spray bullets in close-range combat, just use hip-fire instead. The recommended scope for mid-range combat is the 6x scope zoomed to 3x scope. You can use it to aim and burst or spray.