Many PUBG Mobile players are using finger sleeves to play this game. Is it worth using these finger and thumb sleeves when playing this shooting game?

PUBG Mobile Finger Sleeves

Finger sleeves are also called finger gloves. These tools help prevent your finger from sweating while playing PUBG Mobile. Many players suffer from this problem. The sweating finger reduces the interaction between your fingers and phone screen. Then, you will have many troubles with touching and may lose the game due to the touching issue.

Finger Sleeves
Finger Sleeves help prevent your finger from sweating

If you drop some sweats on the phone screen, it will interrupt the touch screen of your smartphone. This problem will be solved when you use finger sleeves. Then, it also helps increase the accuracy and aiming and bullet lines. You will shoot more precisely and consistently. It's very easy to realize the smoothness when you use these tools for the first time.

It Makes Your Aim More Consistent
It Makes Your Aim More Consistent

When you play PUBG Mobile for a long time, your fingers will start to sweat. Then, it makes the effectiveness and use of finger gloves more obvious. All touching and sliding motions are more sensitive and sticky. It makes your PUBG Mobile performance better, especially in instant and panic situations when you need to reflex quickly.

You Will Notice The Effectiveness
You Will Easily Notice The Effectiveness

You will notice that your aiming will be the same as it was before when you play with normal fingers. However, using the thumb gloves will make your aim more precise and consistent by preventing sticky fingers when you play for a long time.

Touching And Sliding Motions Are Better
Touching And Sliding Motions Are Better

If you don't suffer from serious hand sweating, you don't need to use gloves for all fingers. It's recommended to use thumb gloves only. However, if your fingers sweat a lot, you will need 4 or 5 gloves, base on the number of finger claws you use.