Both PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile have a long list of weapons. These weapons are divided into different categories. Which game has more weapons?

PUBG Mobile Weapons Vs. COD Mobile Weapons

PUBG Mobile has nine weapon categories, including SR, AR, SMG, DMR, LMG, shotgun, pistol, throwables, and melee weapons. COD Mobile also has some common weapon categories, such as AR, SR, pistol, SMG, shotgun, LMG, and melee. However, it does not have DMR like in PUBG Mobile. Instead, COD mobile has a new category named launcher.

Cod Ak 47
AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in COD Mobile.

The weapons of each category are also different in these two games. Moreover, COD Mobile also has more weapons. For example, COD Mobile has fifteen ARs, seven SRs, five LMGs, thirteen SMGs, and 6 shotguns. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has eleven ARs, four SRs, seven SMGs, two LMGs, and five shotguns.

Pubg Mobile Weapons
PUBG Mobile does have as many weapons as COD Mobile.

Some marksman rifles in COD Mobile are called Kilo-Bolt action sniper rifle. The names and types of weapons in these games are not the same. For example, some popular AR in PUBG Mobile are M416, AKM, Groza, AUG, Beryl M762. Besides, Kar98k, M24, and AWM are the three most popular sniper rifles in this game.

Cod Dl Q33
A lot of weapons in COD Mobile are strange to PUBG Mobile players.

Meanwhile, the weapon list in COD Mobile includes all strange names with PUBG Mobile players. For example, some popular assault rifles in COD Mobile are AK-47, DR-H, M4, M16, etc. Besides, Locus, Arctic .50, Outlaw, etc. are the name of popular sniper rifles in this battl royale game of Activision.

Cod Mobile And Pubg Mobile Weapons
These two games feature different weapons

In terms of throwables, both these shooting games have smoke grenades and frag grenades. However, CoD Mobile has many other kinds of grenades, such as Trip mine, Concussion grenade, and Sticky grenade.