Close-range combat is about 5 - 10 meters. As those situations are often tense and dangerous, you will need these PUBG Mobile tips for close-range combat.

#1. Master Tactical Movement

To win most of the close-range combat in PUBG Mobile, you need to master the three most important factors: accuracy, movements, and using cover. Tactical movements can help PUBG Mobile players win every fight and do some 1v4 clutches. Strong movements make you more active in combat and avoid being rushed.

Keep Moving In Close Combat
Keep Moving Like Chinese GOD-Tier Players In Close Combat

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#2. Improve Accuracy

In face-to-face combat, you have to keep moving left and right, jumping and crouching to dodge bullets. But you still need to keep the crosshair stable to shoot accurately. Crosshair placement is the most basic skill but not every player can master it. Master the crosshair placement for both hip-firing and ADS.

Use Hip Fire In Close Combat
Place The Crosshair Accurately, Even When You Move Left And Right To Dodge Bullets.

#3. Always Use Cover

Don't engage without cover, especially in hot-drop locations. Sometimes, you cannot spot all enemies around. It's very risky if you reveal all your body in the open ground. Thus, you should have a cover before engaging so that you can react and hide quickly when getting shot from unknown directions. Moreover, fall back and use the cover when you need to reload bullets.

Use Cover
Always Use Cover In Close Fights, Especially In Hot-Drop Places.

#4. Use Strong Weapons

You should use strong weapons in close-range combat. Always use powerful weapons that can spray bullets. SMGs, LMGs, and ARs are the best weapons for 10-meter range combat. If you and the opponent shoot at the same time, you need to cause more damage per second than him. Therefore, it also depends on the DPS status of the weapon you use.

Use Strong Weapons
Use Strong Weapons To Clear Enemies Fast.

#5. Reaction Speed

The reaction speed is also important. If you react slowly, you will get knocked down right away. Use hip-fire in instant combat when enemies suddenly appear in front of you. Moreover, hip-firing is not as accurate as ADS in the 10-meter range. But it's better to hip-fire within a 5-meter range. Hip-firing also helps you react faster in close instant fights.

Above are the 5 most useful tips for PUBG Mobile players to win close-range combat. You can also refer to the skills of best sniper king in PUBG Mobile for more.

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