You can play like a pro player and get Chicken Dinner when mastering these aiming and spraying skills in PUBG Mobile. Check out these insane aiming and spraying tips and tricks below.

Best Aiming And Spraying Tips And Tricks In PUBG Mobile

Aiming skill is always the key factor of winning in PUBG Mobile no matter which weapon you use. To master this skill, you need to master the crosshair.

Aim To Shoot Like A Hacker
Aim To Shoot Like A Hacker
  • Place the crosshair at the chest level while you are moving. Most players often place their crosshair too high when running around for looting. Therefore, they cannot reflex fast when falling into an ambush. As a result, those players become easy chicken dinner for pro players. Therefore, you should focus on the crosshair and the camera view at the same time so that you can aim and reflex quickly.
Crosshair Placement
Keep the crosshair at chest level while moving.
  • Besides, you should set the dark color for the crosshair so that you can spot it easily. If you can hardly see your crosshair, it's hard to put it in the right place for accurate shooting. Red and dark green are nice choices. You can master aiming by practicing it in the Team Deathmatch mode.
Choose Dark Colors For The Crosshair
Choose Dark Colors For The Crosshair To Mak It Bold.
  • Scope-in jiggle: It's a pro tip for PUBG Mobile players to aim and spray like a God-tier player. You can apply it in mid-range spray in open fights when you have no cover and have to dodge bullets. Drag the joystick to the left and right while keeping the aim as stable as possible. Definitely, it's very challenging to keep the crosshair stand still while you are jiggling.
Use Hip Fire To Reflex Faster
Use Hip-Fire To Reflex Faster
  • The vertical recoil always makes your crosshair move upwards. Therefore, you need to drag the aim button downwards. Drag it lower when you jump to shoot.
Right Crosshair Placement
Don't keep the crosshair too high.
  • Hip-fire if you can: This skill lets you reflex faster and fire before ADS players because you will definitely waste a second to open scope. This skill can also be improved in the TDM mode.
Jiggle Movement
Jiggle move while spraying to dodge bullets.
  • You should keep your crosshair at the chest level so that you can drag it down if the enemies prone to drop bullets. Or else, the vertical recoil will make the crosshair move up to headshot the opponents quickly.