PUBG Mobile rewards players with titles to obtain and equip to show off their skills. Here are the best PUBG Mobile titles and how to obtain them. Check it out here with

Top 5 Titles In PUBG Mobile

There are many titles in PUBG Mobile that show off their tier, ability, and popularity, etc. Here are the five best titles in this game that everyone wants to obtain.

#1. Well-Liked

This is one of the most favorite titles in PUBG Mobile. Only well-liked players can obtain this title. When you get this title, you are the center of attention. It shows off your popularity in this game. You must be a nice, friendly, and supportive player to obtain this title.

Well Liked Title
Well-Liked Title is one of the most wished titles in PUBG Mobile.

#2. On A Mission

This is one of the hardest titles to achieve because you have to master all weapons and achieve all weapon mastery titles. When you obtain this title, you will get 60 achievement points and a title to equip. This mythic title is very cool and worth obtaining.

On A Mission
It's pretty challenging to obtain the title On A Mission.

#3. Chicken Expert

Players have to win Solo Classic matches in different ways to complete the required missions and get this title. It proves the solo skills of pro players in PUBG Mobile. Besides, you have to play in the Solo Classic mode, blow off the final enemies, and get Chicken Dinner to become a Chicken Expert in this game.

Chicken Expert
Chicken Expert is also one of the most favorite PUBG Mobile titles.

#4. Unique Destiny

It's also one of the most challenging titles to get in PUBG Mobile. Only hardworking and excellent players can obtain this title. When satisfying the requirement to get this title, you also receive 60 achievement points and a Fiend Huntress Set.

Unique Destiny
Hardworking and excellent players can obtain the Unique Destiny title.

#5. Weapon Master

It would be cool if you have a Weapon Master title to equip in this game. This title can make some enemies scared of you because it proves your ability to master all types of weapons. To get this title, PUBG Mobile players should be able to kill enemies with all kinds of guns and vehicles in this game.

Weapon Master
Weapon Master is a cool title in PUBG Mobile.

How To Get PUBG Titles?

To get those titles, you have to meet the requirements of them.

  • To get the Well-like title, you need to get 1000 likes from teammates. If you play well and impress your teammates, don't forget to ask them for a tick of like.
  • If you want to get the title 'On a Mission', you have to complete six weapon mastery achievements, including Assault Mastery V, SMG Mastery V, Melee Mastery V, Sniper Mastery V, and Pistol Mastery V.
Pubg Mobile Pro Players
Play like a pro player to obtain all titles in PUBG Mobile.
  • To get the Chicken Expert title, players need to play the solo classic mode in PUBG Mobile. Win at least ten matches with different types of weapons, including SMG, Pistol, LMG, SR, AR, Shotguns, Melee weapon, crossbow, vehicle, and throwable. It means that you have to get Chicken Dinner with all weapons in this game. Moreover, you have to reach the Platinum tier or above.
  • Unique Destiny requires you to collect enough 6,000 achievement points. Therefore, you have to complete as many missions as possible.
Pubg Mobile Titles To Show Off
Show off your titles in squad mode.
  • Weapon Master is the title for those who can kill enemies will all types of weapons in this game. You also have to kill an enemy with a vehicle accident to complete this mission and get the title. Besides, players have to get the Platinum tier or above to get this title.

Those are the most wished and favorites titles that you should try to obtain in this game. Check out all requirements and progress of those titles in the section of Glorious Moments in Achievement missions.

How To Get #1 Title In PUBG Mobile?

Apart from those five mythic PUBG Mobile titles, a lot of PUBG Mobile players also wish to have the title #1/100. This is a time-limited title that was introduced on the 2nd anniversary in season 12. You can check out the progress of this mission in the General Achievement section. Scroll down to the Happy Birthday event and check out whether you have finished it or not.

Top 1 In 100
The title #1/100 is out of reach now.

To get this title, PUBG Mobile players had to light up six Birthday cake during the anniversary event. If you haven't completed this mission, you cannot get it anymore. If you have finished it during that anniversary, you can claim that title. Then, go to the profile and tap on the Basic Info section. Next, you click on the Edit button, select this title and tap on the Equip button.

Titles In Achievements
Check out all titles and requirements here.

Besides, there are some interesting titles in PUBG Mobile, such as Maxed Out, Overachiever, Collector, Free Chicken Dinner, Sharpshooter, and Commander.

  • To get the title Maxed Out, you only need to reach level 100 in this game. A lot of veterans in PUBG Mobile have got this title already.
  • If you collect enough 2800 achievement points, you can get the Overachiever title.
  • The title of Collector is the reward for those who collect 300 permanent outfits, 20 parachutes, and 50 weapon finishes.
Edit Profile
Check out all titles you have obtained in the Profile section.
  • Lucky players can get Free Chicken Dinner if they win a solo classic match with zero kills.
  • You can get the title of Sharpshooter when you headshot three enemies in 50 meters with a row in a solo match without missing any single shot.
  • If you can win 50 solo classic matches without equipping any helmet, military vest, and backpack.
Equip Title
Select the title to equip in the profile edition.

Those are the best PUBG Mobile titles to obtain in PUBG Mobile and guides on how to get them. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.