Having the best weapon combo makes you play PUBG Mobile better to get more Chicken Dinner. It's also necessary if you want to improve your K/D ratio. Check out the top 8 tips to have the best weapon combo in PUBG Mobile.

#1. Best Combo For All Roles

To play solo, cover all ranges of fights, and take all roles, you should choose a stable AR and a powerful sniper gun. The combo M416 and AWM can make you the best player in all roles, ranges, and team modes.

M416 And Awm
M416 And AWM

While M416 covers both short and mid-range combat well, AWM will make you a deadly sniper in long-range combat. Although M416 is not the most powerful AR, its stability and steadiness make this AR the best choice for close and mid-range engagements. It's the best choice for mid-range bullet sprays in this game.

#2. Change Weapons And Practice All Guns

Obviously, sometimes you cannot get the same weapon combo in all matches. Therefore, you should change weapons during matches to practice more weapons. It helps increase your weapon mastery in PUBG Mobile. Then, you can play well even when you cannot loot your favorite weapons. In the early stages, grab a combo of short-range weapons, such as UZI and S12K, or UMP45 and AKM.

Master All Weapons
Change Guns To Master All Weapons.

#3. Choose Weapon Combo For Early Stages

The best weapon combo for early stages must include at least one short-range weapon. Thompson and Bizon are the two best weapons for the early stage of the match when you mostly engage in close combat. Both these guns have a large bullet capacity. Besides, both of them are very stable.

Choose Vector In Early Stages
Vector Is One Of The Best Weapons For The Early Stages.

Vector and UMP are also ideal choices for the early stages of the match. These SMGs are pretty easy to loot when you land on the ground due to their high spawn rates. However, the Vector's mag size is very limited.

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#4. A Combo For Fragger

The best combo for fraggers and scouts in PUBG Mobile includes the best mid-range weapon and the best short-range gun. UZI is the best weapon designed for close combat with a super high rate of fire. M416 is the most ideal and reliable gun for mid-range combat.

Uzi And M416
Uzi and M416 are the best weapons for tankers.

#5. Best Weapon Combo For Different Maps

There are some weapon combinations that you can use for all maps. However, there are some exclusive weapons that can only be found on certain maps. These PUBG Mobile exclusive weapons are often the best-designed guns for those maps. G36C and MP5K are the best weapons in Vikendi. G36C has some similar features as M416. Mp5K is the replacement for UZI on this map. Therefore, it's also the best combo for tankers on this snow map.

G36c And Mp5k
You can also use the gun combo of G36C and MP5K on Vikendi.

#6. Favorite Weapon Combo Of Pro Players

Pro players often use a combo of 7.62 weapons because this bullet type has the highest bullet penetration. DP-28 can be combined with AKM or Beryl M762, based on your preference. The Light Machine Gun DP-28 is pretty stable in mid-range combat, especially when you are prone to shoot. Both AKM and Beryl M762 have high base damage. However, make sure that you can handle the high recoil of these 7.62 AR.

Dp 28 And Beryl M762
If you prefer 7.62 weapons, use a DP-28 and Beryl M762.

#7. Best Combo For Last-Circle Fight

You can use a combo of an airdrop weapon and a non-airdrop weapon to increase the power of that combo. For example, M416 and AWM are the best weapon combo for all roles and ranges. Besides, M416 and M249 are the best gun combination for last circle combat. If you are the last man standing in your team, this combo can help you clear the last enemy team to get Chicken Dinner.

#8. Combo Of Two Airdrop Weapons

If you get both AUG and Groza in a match, use this combo to clear the whole map. If you can only get an Mk14, grab an M416 to use as the secondary weapon. Mk14 is recognized as the most powerful weapon. You can use it for both short and long-range combat. However, it has pretty high recoil.

Groza And Aug
The Power Of Groza And AUG Is Insane.

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