PUBG Mobile is coming back to India in a different name: Battlegrounds Mobile India. All information about this new game will be updated on the Battlegrounds Mobile India website. Here are all the websites of Battlegrounds Mobile India official.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Website

PUBG Mobile's new official website will be launched in India soon. The username of official Facebook and YouTube accounts is BattlegroundsMobileIN. Moreover, according to some leaks, PUBG Mobile is coming back to this country with the name Battlegrounds Mobile India. The rumor around the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India has made a lot of gamers excited and anticipated recently.

Pubg Mobile India
There are some leaks about the coming back of PUBG Mobile in India under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India.

According to AFKgaming, Krafton had bought some domains including Battlegrounds Mobile India name for the ULR links of the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website. The company hasn't announced the final domain though.


Instead of Playerunknown's Battleground India or PUBGM India, the new game only keeps the phrase Battlegrounds Mobile in its title and username.

Pubg Mobile India Facebook
The username of official Facebook and YouTube accounts is BattlegroundsMobileIN.

Then, you can update the latest news and information about this new game on the official account of Battleground Mobile India. This new game has official fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to bring players and fans the latest teasers, trailers, and update details. Keep following those fan pages after they are launched.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

The game publisher has not announced or confirmed the official launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Thus, we need to wait until the game publisher launch this game on App Store and Google Play Store. There is only one leaked poster of this new game. But it's enough to raise a storm in the PUBG Mobile community in this county.

Pubg Mobile India
PUBG Mobile India, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, is trying to come back to the Indian game market now.

Currently, this game is not confirmed yet. Therefore, it's not available to pre-order or download in those stores. Although there is no post of confirmation, the URL address still makes a lot of PUBG Mobile players and fans in India believe in the launch of this game. The user name of PUBG Mobile India on Facebook now is @BattlegroundsMobileIN.

Battlegrounds Mobile Min
Krafton has had many appointments with the authorities to talk about the relaunch of this game.

PUBG Mobile India, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, is trying to make its entry to this game market again. Therefore, it needs to meet the strict requirements of the Indian Government about content first. Krafton has had many appointments with the authorities to talk about the relaunch of this game. This game company also confirmed that they will comply with all the government's concerns to bring the game back as soon as possible.

Pubg Mobile Plan
The gory content is one of the biggest problems that make this game banned in India.

Official Battlegrounds Mobile India Facebook Account

Battlegrounds Mobile India's official Facebook has over 115k likes and 231k followers. The administrator created this page on November 4th, 2020, after the PUBG Mobile ban in this country. However, it still attracted a lot of fans and followers.

Pubg Mobile India Fanpage
The official Facebook account of this game has over 115k likes and 231k followers.

The admin uploaded some pictures and videos informing the coming of the PUBG Mobile Indian version. The latest post was on November 14th, 2020. Up to now, they haven't updated any new piece of news about this game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Official YouTube Channel

PUBG Mobile Indian community also has an official YouTube Channel with 2.59M subscribers. Unlike the new Facebook account of this game, the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India was launched on Aug 31st, 2018. There are over a hundred videos on this YouTube Channel with various contents, including update details, trailers, and esports live streams.

Pubg Mobile India Youtube
PUBG Mobile India Youtube Channel Has Not Been Updated For 5 Months.

However, the administrator has not uploaded any new videos for the last five months. The last video was uploaded 5 months ago. It's also a video about the coming of the PUBG Mobile Indian version. Followers are highly anticipating a new video about the new game Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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What To Expect In Battlegrounds Mobile India?

PUBG Mobile 2, also known as PUBG New State, is coming soon. The official pre-registration is available on Google Play Store and Tap Tap website. It makes a lot of Indian PUBG Mobile players expect for the pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Pubg New States
The trailer of PUBG New State makes lots of Indian gamers excited.

The trailer videos of PUBG Mobile 2 unveiled a lot of exciting and highly anticipating content of this new game. A lot of Indian mobile gamers also expect that it might be the content of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The content of PUBG New States has some similarities and advancements in the comparison with PUBG Mobile's content.

Pubg Mobile New Content
Expect to get Battlegrounds Mobile India soon.

However, it still commits the rule of gory content restriction. Therefore, Krafton might have to work with the authority about this aspect and make some changes to make Battlegrounds Mobile India less gory and more prone to patriotic content.

Previously, there was an Indian game like PUBG Mobile that got great expectations and concerns from the game community. However, it seemed to be a big failure. A lot of gamers seem to forget the name of that game already, especially when this country has a great concern - a global deadly pandemic of COVID-19.

Those are things you may want to know about the Battlegrounds Mobile India website. The game publisher has not confirmed or announced the coming of the official release.

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