Call of Duty often rewards players with medals for different attainments in its multiplayer modes. Those include Call of Duty Online, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and more.

COD Mobile has 86 medals in total with 43 in Multiplayer mode, 27 in BR mode, and 16 in Zombie mode. If you are wondering how to earn Brutal medal in CoD mobile as well as other medals in general, we have got you covered.

Cod Mobile
Check out guides on how to earn the Brutal medal in particular.

How to earn medals in COD mobile

To obtain medals in this game, players need to complete specific in-game tasks. The accomplishments can vary from securing bombs and flags to having an extraordinary amount of kills in one life. Each medal, consisting of duplicates, provides extra XP which is shown in the After Action Report when a match ends.

For example, some of the most known medals are Killstreak, Scorestreak, Combats…

Cod Mobile Medals
CoD Mobile medals require different tasks to complete.

If you want to get an Ultra Kill medal, you will need to destroy eight opponents in a short time. Earning it requires an extremely high reflex.

Another example is Nuclear Medal. It is a Killstreak medal in COD Mobile’s Multiplayer section. A gamer must defeat 30 enemies in a row without dying.

It is among the hardest missions in the game. Then, what about how to earn the Brutal medal in COD mobile? Let’s see right below.

How to earn Brutal Medal in CoD Mobile

The Brutal Medal is a token of excellence for COD Mobile players. It is a real achievement to attain. In fact, it is among the most difficult medals one can earn in this FPS title. Even the veteran players may find it not easy.

To get a Brutal Medal in CoD Mobile, players will need to reach 25 kills in a multiplayer fight without dying once. Though it may sound hard, that does not mean there is nothing you can do to lift the chances of obtaining one.

How To Earn Brutal Medal In CoD mobile
Brutal medals are among the hardest medals to obtain.

Here are the steps players may follow on how to earn Brutal Medal in CoD Mobile:

Step 1: Choose the Multiplayer mode in COD Mobile along with a squad. They can also solo-queue.

Step 2: Choose a favorite loadout to play

Step 3: Pick one of the available Multiplayer maps and begin the match.

Step 4: End 25 enemies back-to-back without dying any single time.

Getting a Brutal Medal is almost unwinnable for a new player. But don’t worry, the professionals can find it a tough job as well. Take note that apart from an outstanding skill, you will need a lot of patience in order to bring this medal into your collection.

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Tips to get a Brutal Medal in CoD Mobile

In case players are still not sure whether they can easily earn the medal, here are some of the tips they may find useful

Tip 1. Select the suitable Perks

First of all, ensure that you have made a valid loadout of weapons and parks that match your playstyle. It will help you take down opponents with fewer obstacles and recover your condition faster.

Cod Mobile Perks
We also list the best perks you should use in the match.

As such, check out these Perks loadout that would aid you big time:

  • Vulture (Select ammo by kills equal to the bulletin capacity of the now weapon)
  • Fast Recover (Boots health recovery rate by 35%)
  • Hardline (Surge points earned with kills by 25%)

The three perks will not only heal you quicker but also increase the earned points from kills and keep the weapons amassed with ammo. Hence, you will be able to get scorestreaks faster.

Tip 2. Scorestreaks

Secondly, about how to earn Brutal medal in CoD mobile, players will want to be sure they use the right scorestreaks for their task.

Cod Scorestreaks
Using the right Scorestreaks is also a tip to earn Brutal medals easily.

We would recommend some options like a VTOL or a Sentry Gun as two of your picks because they can rack up a plethora of kills for you on the map.

Tip 3. Play Strategically

Finally, you would need to be more strategic in how you engage in gunfights. Try to remain stealthy while camouflaging in corners and/or approaching the enemies unnoticed. The more players do this, the more opportunities they get to defeat an opponent before they can get to them.

That is everything a player needs to know on how to earn Brutal Medal in CoD Mobile.

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