COD Mobile provides its players with two different modes, including Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Each mode, in the meantime, triggers the competitive enthusiasm of players with the aid of a rank-based system split into different tiers, including Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, and Legendary.

Some of the few talented players can reach the Legendary rank as long as they achieve a Rank XP of 6500+ points. This article will look at some of the handiest tips to reach this title more quickly in COD Mobile.

Tip 1: Layout

Cod Mobile Layout
First of all, set up your own layout.

The layout settings actually place the control buttons over the screen based on your preferences, so it’s worth noting that you should have a suitable setup for yourself rather than making a 100% copy from anyone else.

Tip 2: Loadouts and Guns

It comes as no surprise that if you want to push your tier towards the Legendary rank quickly, you had better make use of the most powerful guns and attachments based on your skills. This will help you climb to higher tiers more effectively as you can notch up the maximum kill points with ease.

Cod Mobile Best Guns
Next, choose your favorite weapons.

For example, the best guns in this title right now are SMGs like PDW-57, QQ9, MSMC, etc. Their destructive fire rate and viability can easily destroy opponents within seconds. Such weapons help gamers get higher in-game stats, and hence, rank higher quickly.

Tip 3: Push rank in Multiplayer mode

Cod Mobile Multiplayer Mode
You'll be able to save a lot of time with the Multiplayer mode.

Despite the fact that you have the chance to boost rank in both the game modes, it’s highly recommended that stepping into Multiplayer ranked matches is a better choice when it comes to reaching Legendary tier more speedily, Multiplayer-based matches are quite short in comparison with BR games, so you can no doubt save a lot of time.

Tip 4: Play with teammates

Cod Mobile Battle Royale
Just create a lobby of four to five players with those who share the same goals as you.

Teaming up with some friends will never go wrong, especially when you want to make your way to the Legendary tier as soon as possible. Just create a lobby of four to five players with those who share the same goals as you, and try all your best to make the goals possible.

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