Gloo Wall is one of the most unique features in Free Fire - all players can throw a Gloo Grenade to create their own cover on the battlefield. Due to its popularity, Garena has released plenty of skins that players can use to customize their walls. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best-looking Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire.

1 - Shamrock Explosion

The Shamrock Explosion Gloo Wall skin has just been added into Free Fire as part of the Ramadan Top Up event. Players can get this bright green wall for free by topping up 200 diamonds. The vivid color of the Shamrock Explosion is probably the best part about the skin. Not many objects in the game have such a bright color - this would definitely attract nearby players.

Shamrock Explosion
Shamrock Explosion Gloo Wall Skins

2 - Hayato the Guardian

This skin was added to the game as part of the Midnight Samurai top-up event. Similar to the Shamrock, you can also get this by topping up at least 200 diamonds. 'Hayato the Guardian' skin is electric blue, with a portrait of Hayato carrying a sword on the surface of the wall. If you are a fan of Hayato, getting this skin is a must - this is probably based on Hayato's Awakened form.

Hayato the Guardian
Hayato the Guardian Gloo Wall Skins

3 - Gate to Oblivion

The Gate to Oblivion skin was launched in January this year, as part of the Shark Attack top-up event. While it is also available as a free reward, the threshold is much higher at 500 diamonds and therefore this skin is much rarer.

Gate to Oblivion
Gate to Oblivion Gloo Wall Skins

Gate of Oblivion has an intimidating blood red theme, with a demonic skull painted smack in the middle of the wall.  Gate of Oblivion carries a red particle effect from the middle of the wall around the skull.

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4 - Death Guardian

The Death Guardian is amongst the biggest and most intricate Gloo Wall designs in Free Fire. Its decorative details make the wall itself bigger and thicker than the usual Gloo Walls... while the defensive features remain the same.

Death Guardian
Death Guardian Gloo Wall Skins

This wall is very futuristic, with golden ornaments covered its whole surface area.

5 - Swordsman Legend

The Swordsman Legend Gloo Wall was added to the game as part of the Swordsman Legend Top-up event. Players need to top up about 500 diamonds to get this item for free. Because of that, this is quite a bit rarer, similar to the Gate of Oblivion.

Swordsman Legend
Swordsman Legend Gloo Wall Skins

The swordsman legend wall is probably the most beautiful wall on this list, with Japanese-themed arts on the surface. The pink symbols also glows with special particle effects as well.

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