Gloo Wall grenade is one of the most unique items in Free Fire that can't be found in other shooters. By deploying one, you would be able to create a barricade to protect yourself from enemies' fire. In this guide, we are going to list out the top 5 best tips and tricks so that you could use the Gloo Grenade like a pro.

1 - Get the Penguin Pet "Mr. Waggor"

Mr. Waggor's "Smooth Gloo" ability would spawn a Gloo Grenade every 2 minutes if the player has less than 2 Gloo Wall grenades in their inventory. This effectively gives Waggor's owner an unlimited amount of Gloo Grenades... and in later phases of the game, when the circle has shrunk down, Gloo Walls are super useful.

Gloo Wall Grenades

2 - Have the Gloo Grenade on hold while moving

Hold the Grenade button to have the Gloo Wall ready when moving. While you would not be able to fire right away, you can deploy a cover at any time you need.

Make Layers Of Gloo Wall To Surprise Enemies

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3 - Use Gloo Walls to get to inaccessible places

You can throw Gloo Walls then use it as a step to get to places you can't reach normally. This works best on rooftops - enemies would not be able to detect your location this way. Sometimes you can even stack two Gloo Walls on top of each other to create another step.

Gloo Wall Grenades

4 - Crouch after using Gloo Grenades

Sometimes enemies would try to shoot through the wall with a sniper rifle like the M82B to damage you. To counter this, just crouch right behind the wall immediately after deployment. If you do it right, even a grenade would not be able to damage you through it.

You Can Shoot Through Gloo Wall
You Can Shoot Through Gloo Wall

5 - Play mind games with Gloo Walls

People usually think that you would hide behind a deployed Gloo Wall... you can take advantage of this and trick them. Create a Gloo Wall facing a completely unrelated spot to draw their attention then flank them

You can also use Gloo Walls to cover your retreat or block the way of vehicles as well.

Gloo Wall Grenades

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