Free Fire’s unique character system is what makes it stand out amongst other BR in the Indian market, like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty. However, Free Fire takes a step further - they allow players to mix and match 4 different skills into one set. The player who can get the most synergies out of those skills would get a huge advantage.

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 best character in Free Fire for December 2020.

10 - Rafael

Skill: Dead Silent - Hide your presence on the minimap for 8 seconds

Rafael's ability is super useful if you are using a sniper build. When activated, your presence on the minimap would be hidden, even if you shot your gun... enemies would not be able to spot the direction you are shooting from.

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

This confusion is super useful - they might even retreat in the wrong direction and be wide open for another shot.

9 - Laura

Skill: Sharp Shooter - Increase accuracy while scoped in

Scopes are super useful in Free Fire - people pretty much use it for every gun... as hip-firing is really unreliable. Laura's Sharp Shooter skill would boost the accuracy of the weapon by 30% so that your bullets would be more likely to hit the intended target.

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

The accuracy of sniper rifles would be boosted to 100%.

8 - A124

Skill: Thrill of Battle - Convert some EP into HP

A124's skill is perfect for 1 vs 1 fights - it would convert some of your EP into HP almost instantly... give you an edge in the fight. The weakness of this ability is that you have to find mushrooms to fuel your EP... however, it is pretty easy to just get K or Miguel's skill to fuel it instead.

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

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7 - Hayato

Skill: Bushido - Increase your armor penetration, the lower the HP, the higher the boost

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

Hayato's ability is one of the few skills that outright increase your effective damage in Free Fire. When you are at low HP, your attacks will automatically ignore parts of enemies' damage reduction from armor. The maximum value is 90%, when you have 20 HP left.

6 - Jai

Skill: Raging Reload - Automatically reload your gun after taking down an enemy (limited to AR, Pistol, SMG and SG)

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

This skill would enable you to go against multiple enemies without having to reload. It is extremely deadly in combination with a shotgun - as their reload time is the longest.

5 - Luqueta

Skill: Hat Trick - Every kill increase maximum HP, up to 35

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

This ability is super useful in the late game - it would charge up to max after only 2 kills at level 6. Max HP increase lets you survive a lot of things that are normally impossible like taking a headshot from a sniper rifle and still survive. Gun damage in Free Fire is balanced around characters having only 200 HP.

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4 - Dasha

Skills: Partying On - Reduce damage taken and recovery time from falls. Reduce the rate of recoil buildup and maximum recoil

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

Dasha's skill provides players with some rare bonuses - the ability to jump down from anywhere without getting killed instantly and recoil reduction. This is extremely useful if you are going to use heavy recoil weapons like the AK or Sniper Rifles.

3 - K

Skill: Master of All - Max EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover EP.

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

This is one of the most complicated abilities in the game. The two modes synergize with each other - one increases your EP and the other burns it for HP. Overall, when equipping K's skill, you would get a huge supply of EP and the ability to heal like Alok that you can switch to at any time.

2 - Chrono

Skill: Time Turner - Create a barrier bubble that blocks enemies' bullets. You can shoot from behind the barrier.

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

Chrono, the newest character in Free Fire who's based on CR7, is going to be super overpowered. The bubble is perfect for setting up for a counterattack if you get ambushed... it is much better than a Gloo wall, as you can shoot through it while enemies cant.

1 - Alok

Skill: Drop the Beat - Create a 5m aura that increases movement speed and restores HP.

Top 10 Best Character In Free Fire 2020

Alok's skill, after all this time, remains the best ability in Free Fire. It increases the two most useful stats - HP and movement speed... for you and every ally in the radius, which is perfect for both team games and solo games.

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