Free Fire has become the most popular mobile battle royale in India after PUBG Mobile's removal from the market. Currently, it has over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Garena has been trying to maintain this wave of popularity by constantly adding new features to the game.

New Event In Free Fire 2020

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the upcoming update OB25, the last new event in Free Fire 2020.

1 - What is the release date of Free Fire OB 25?

Garena has released all the new features of this patch on the Advance Server before pushing them out on the Global version. Based on various leaks, the patch would hit on December 7.

New Event In Free Fire 2020

2 - Three New Characters?

There are 3 new characters that can be found in the game files: Chrono (Based on Christiano Ronaldo), Snowelle and Sverr. While Chrono's addition is confirmed, it is unsure if the other two characters would be added in this patch or the next one... as Sverr's existence has been confirmed in OB24. Free Fire has never added two characters in the same patch... and three is pretty much unthinkable.

About Chrono's Ability "Time Turner"

This ability would create a small 500 HP bubble that you and your allies can get in. While inside the bubble, your movement speed would be increased greatly. Enemies have to exhaust the 500 HP of the bubble first if they want to shoot you... while you can shoot outside just fine.

New Event In Free Fire 2020

Unlike Alok's ability, the bubble does not move after you - it would be placed at a static location only. This balances out the ability, as enemies can just retreat until the bubble expires after 10 seconds.

About Snowelle's Ability "Nano Nerves"

Snowelle's ability is an active skill that imbues her weapon with a special power: any enemies hit by her attacks would have their active skill and regeneration from EP disabled for 5 seconds. This is a very useful attack skill that would give you a huge advantage in fights - enemies would not be able to activate dangerous skills like K's Master of All or A124's Thrill of Battle.

New Event In Free Fire 2020

Even if they were able to activate them, the skill would do nothing, as Nano Nerves disable regeneration from EP. The Weakness of this skill is that it only works if you are able to hit your enemies.

About Sverr's Ability "Going Berserk"

Sverr's ability would convert a small amount of HP into bonus damage - this is the first skill that outright increases all damage in Free Fire... and 20% bonus damage is massive. At the cost of just 30 HP, this skill is going to become one of the most popular abilities in Free Fire - in pretty much any build.

New Event In Free Fire 2020

You need to pick a good healing skill like Alok or K to frequently use this ability.

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3 - New Baboon Bet


The new pet in the Advance server is named Brabuino... which is literally "baboon" in Portuguese. It is likely that he would get a new name when the patch hit, just like the Penguin pet "Mr. Waggor" or the Racoon pet "Rockie". He is probably the biggest pet ever released in Free Fire, wearing attires of the typical Guerrillas commonly found in South America, with armguard, bandana, ammo belt...

New Event In Free Fire 2020


The Baboon's "Throwing" ability would increase the distance of your grenade throws by 10, 15 and 20% on level 1 2 and 3 respectively. This works on all grenades, from normal to Gloo, Flash and Smoke.


Overall, while the extra 20% range on your grenade throws are certainly useful, this ability is definitely not worth your pet slot... you definitely equip something more useful.

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4 - Three New Modes?

3 new modes were found in the Advance server of OB25: Big-Head, Cosmic Racer and Chosen One.

Big Head

Another variant of the Death Match, with 10 minutes and 40 kills limit. The kicker is that after every kill you make, your head would get bigger and easier for enemies to see and do a headshot. Players would spawn with random weapons.

Big Head Mode
Big Head Mode

Cosmic Racer

Cosmic Racer is going to be a fun mode involving flying cars and bikes... along with rocket launchers.

Chosen One

Two squads would fight against each other - the first one to get 40 kills would win. The twist here is that after a certain amount of time, 2 ppl would be picked to fight 1vs1 - the one who wins would give his team a buff of x2 points.

5 - New Weapon Kriss Vector

A new SMG named Kriss Vector would be added... with the ability to be dual-wielded. You would be able to equip two of this at the same time and deal double the damage.

New Event In Free Fire 2020

6 - New Emotes

Five new emotes have been added to the files but only Top Scorer can be viewed.

New Event In Free Fire 2020

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