The OB25 update of Free Fire is almost here - this is going to be the last big update of the year, with new weapons, characters and more... Clash Squad is also getting an update as well, with Season 3 coming to an end very soon.

In this article, we are going to list out the most notable changes related to the P90, including the introduction of its Golden Skin in Clash Squad.

1 - Clash Squad Ranked Season 4's Golden P90

Clash Squad is the most favorite arcade mode in Free Fire, with 2 teams of 4 fight against each other to get money and buy new weapons... similar to Counter-Strike. The ranked mode of Clash Squad has been running for 3 seasons, with three golden skins for the Desert Eagle, G18 and FAMAS.

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The P90 Golden looks pretty cool

Now, continue the tradition, Season 4's Clash Squad is going to rewards players who reached Gold III with a Golden P90 permanent Skin. The season would begin 2 days after the update, on December 9th.

The P90 is also in the Clash Squad shop - you can show it off right away after earning it from the event.

Thompson Gun Is Available In Clash Squad Mode

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2 - P90 is getting a buff in OB25

P90 is not a popular weapon - it is overshadowed too much by its peer MP40 and UMP. Looks like Garena is going to change that in the next update: the gun's damage is going to be boosted significantly while its recoil is going to be lowered. This would definitely boost the popularity of the weapon and more people would use it.

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