The weapon roster is probably the most important part of any shooter game... and Free Fire is not an exception. Garena has always tried to bolster Free Fire's arsenal with new and exciting guns so that players would have new options for combat. In Advanced Server OB25, a new weapon named Kriss Vector has been revealed.

Dual Wield
Dual Wield

In this article, we would list everything you need to know about the new Kriss Vector weapon in Free Fire

1 - What is the Kriss Vector?

This weapon has been in the game data for quite a while - people already saw it way back in the2017 beta version. However, no one thought it would take more than 3 years for the thing to get added into the game. The Vector might come with the ability to dual-wield, effectively gives you double the damage output.

The Kriss Vector is a fairly popular gun in Counter-Strike Global Offensive - Free Fire's development team might have lifted the whole weapon arsenal from CS:GO and port it to Free Fire back then. PUBG Mobile also has the Kriss Vector.

PUBG Mobile Kriss Vector
PUBG Mobile Kriss Vector

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2 - Kriss Vector's Stats in Free Fire

The Vector is an SMG... however, it is a little bit different than the other SMGs in Free Fire. In exchange for its high accuracy and low recoil, it has the lowest magazine size for an SMG in the game, at only 19.

Vector Free Fire Gameplay

The Vector's damage per shot is also lower than its peer - this is probably an attempt to balance the gun so that you can dual wield it without being too overpowered. An extended magazine is a must while using the Kriss Vector.

3 - When will the Kriss Vector be released?

The exact date is not known yet - but with it showing up in the latest advance server update, it is very likely that the gun is going to be released next patch. This lined up nicely with Free Fire's New Year event at the end of the month.

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