Usually, Free Fire would only release one character per update, despite the Advance Server usually having more than one. This is the case during this OB25 patch - there are 3 characters available: Sverr, Snowelle and Chrono... however, looks like only Chrono is going to be added to the game, with the only leaked banner available attributed to his name.

New characters in Free Fire are usually strong... and in this article, we are going to find out which one of them is the most powerful.

1 - About Chrono's Ability

Chrono's skill is called "Time Turner" - it would create a small bubble with 500 HP that you and your allies can get in. You can move faster and shoot targets outside while in the bubble... but your enemy has to destroy the bubble to get to you.

Skill Karakter Baru Free Fire

While this ability might seem to be overpowered, it is actually not. The weakness of Time Turner is that the bubble does not move - enemies can just retreat until the 10s duration runs out.

2 - About Snowelle's Ability

Snowelle's ability "Nano Nerves" would disable enemies' active skill and regeneration from EP for 5 seconds after getting hit by her weapon. This is a super useful counter skill - with the addition of powerful active abilities like Chrono and K, this is definitely a much-needed tool in high rank to bring enemies down.

Image 1 Free Fire Snowellecharacter

However, this is an offensive ability - it does nothing if you are the one getting attacked.

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3 - About Sverr's Ability

Sverr's ability "Berserk" would convert a small amount of HP into bonus damage - this is going to be the best offensive skill in the game, as a 20% bonus damage is massive. This skill would be useful in both sniper build and assaulter build, as you can easily regain HP using Alok, K or A124.

Novo Personagem Sverr Chega Ao Free Fire Confira A

The weakness of this ability is probably the reliance on healing skills - if you don't have Alok or K, you would be in trouble.

4 - Verdict

Overall, the most annoying ability to play against is probably Chrono's Time Turner - if your enemy managed to drop the bubble as soon as they see you, you would have no choice but to either retreat or drop your own bubble... and if you don't have Chrono, the skill would be really hard to deal with.

Sverr's ability is probably the second most powerful... as it is just a straightforward damage buff. Snowelle is rather tricky - it is just a counter ability and does not directly add anything to your fighting strength.

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