Free Fire is getting a new character named Chrono in this December update... while his skills and numbers might seem to be fairly strong, it is actually pretty balanced. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know to use Chrono's Skill Effectively.

1 - About Chrono's skill "Time Turner"

Below are the details of Chrono's skill:

Skill Karakter Chrono Free Fire

When activated, Time Turner would create a force field that blocks 500 damage from enemies and increase the movement speed of players inside the Force Field for 10 seconds. The bonus movement speed and skill cooldown improve with levels. You can shoot at enemies from inside the bubble. The bubble is stationary.

  • Level 1: Movement Speed increases by 15%. CD 55s.
  • Level 2: Movement Speed increases by 20%. CD 54s.
  • Level 3: Movement Speed increases by 25%. CD 52s.
  • Level 4: Movement Speed increases by 30%. CD 49s.
  • Level 5: Movement Speed increases by 35%. CD 45s.
  • Level 6: Movement Speed increases by 40%. CD 40s.

The movement speed bonus from multiple bubbles does not stack.

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2 - How to use Chrono's Skill?

500 damage is pretty much an x3 HP increase - coupled with the huge bonus in movement speed, you would pretty much be invulnerable. The cooldown is fairly low... and the movement speed bonus is almost 3 times that of Alok.

Skill Karakter Baru Free Fire

So what's the catch here? Well, unlike Alok's Drop the beat, the Bubble does not follow Chrono while he is moving. Because of that, it is not as useful despite the insane numbers. Overall, it is the ultimate counter skill - you can just drop it immediately after an enemy start shooting at you and begin your counterattack - no one would be able to get through that 500 HP wall. It does not block movements, however - enemies can pass through it just fine.

Data Personagem Chrono Free Fire
This character is likely to be released on December 19

With the duration being 10 seconds, you can just drop the field on a downed teammate and revive them... or heal yourself with a medkit.

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