Accuracy is very important in Free Fire - the higher the accuracy stat of a weapon, the more likely that bullets fired from it would hit the intended target at long range. This is essential if you are a sniper - guns with lower accuracy tend to miss when you try to hit targets from afar.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 weapons with the highest accuracy in the game.

5 - CG15

SMG in Free Fire

An SMG/Rifle hybrid made with future technology, the CG15 has one of the strongest statline in its class, along with a special ability. While other SMGs have only a 40 or lower range, the CG15 comes with a whopping 71, which is nearly rifle level. It is also one of the most accurate weapons in the game, with 60 points in Accuracy - this is vital in performing the special charged shot ability of the gun.

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4 - Woodpecker

Freefire Woodpecker Crop1603058631804 Jpg 55468846

The newest gun released in Free Fire - the Woodpecker has the highest statline around, with 85 damage and 75 armor-piercing. This made the gun one of the most damaging weapons in the game. Its accuracy is super high as well - at 69, the gun is more accurate than any other semi-auto sniper rifle.

3 - VSS

SMG in Free Fire

The most special weapon in this class - in other games, it is actually considered a sniper rifle or assault rifle. The VSS's main feature is the ability to snipe from afar - it comes equipped with its own scope right from the start... and with 82 range, it could snipe as well as any AR.

It is the third most accurate weapon in the game - with 73 Accuracy, the VSS hits the target more often than any AR.

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2 - Gatling Gun

Only available in special mode "Spray and Pray", the Gatling is an absolute monster of a gun, with a magazine of 1200, extreme rate of fire and accuracy - in exchange for your mobility to be greatly reduced. While the Gatling would never be added into the game, it is technically the gun with the highest magazine in Free Fire.

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The Gatling gun also has unexpectedly high accuracy at 79 - its enormous stockpile of bullets would always strike true.

1 - All Sniper Rifles, All Launchers and Crossbow

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It is probably not a surprise that the Sniper Rifles along with all special weapons like Launchers and Crossbow have an extreme accuracy of 90. These weapons have a low magazine and a super slow rate of fire - which leads to a lower damage potential. If they were also inaccurate, no one would use them.

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