Garena is constantly trying to upgrade Free Fire so that players would be occupied... and the most popular way to do that is to add weapons and characters. Characters additions are always paid while weapons are free.

New Gun In Free Fire 2020

In this article, we would list out the Top 5 New Gun In Free Fire 2020 - this list would go from the most to the least useful weapon.

1 - Woodpecker

Release date: October 2020, OB24

The Woodpecker M21 is made in America - it is an upgrade of the M14 (also in Free Fire), with the purpose of getting even more stopping power. This is clearly showcased by the stats of the weapon in-game: the Woodpecker M21 has 85 damage, which is a big upgrade over the M14's 77.

In addition to that, the Woodpecker also has 75 points in armor piercing, which is the highest in the game. Its bullets would ignore 75% of enemies' damage reduction from helmets and armors.

New Gun In Free Fire 2020
Free Fire Woodpecker

Overall, the Woodpecker has become the strongest Sniper Rifle in the game, kicking M82B down from its spot. Other similar weapons like SKS, M14 or SVD just can't be compared at all.

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2 - M82B

Release Date: June 2020, OB22

The M82B is based on the Barrett M82 in real life - it is one of the deadliest sniper rifles in the world. It has been used by the United States Armies for 30 years. The most notable part about the gun is probably its extreme piercing power.

New Gun In Free Fire 2020
Free Fire M82B

The Free Fire version of this gun is more or less the same. It can do everything the other sniper rifles can... with three extra abilities on top of that. The first special ability is armor piercing - the M82B can ignore up to two-third of enemies' vests' and helmets' damage reduction.

The second ability gives the gun extra damage against Gloo Walls and Vehicles... while the third ability lets its shots penetrate Gloo Walls. Enemies would not be able to hide when going against this gun. The M82B's weakness is probably the inability to equip any other attachments than a muzzle.

3 - ParaFAL

Release Date: September 2020, OB24

The ParaFAL is made in Brazi, from a company called IMBEL. It is a lightweight gun that was improved from an older model, with more focus on keeping a lower cost. Currently, this weapon is commonly used by the Brazillian military. The fact that Garena picked this gun for Free Fire is probably a nod to the Brazillian Free Fire community - the second biggest Free Fire country in the world.

New Gun In Free Fire 2020
Free Fire ParaFAL

While the ParaFAL has the highest bullet damage amongst all automatic AR, it has a fairly low accuracy at 37... which would impede its performance at long range. Overall, you can use this gun the same way you use the AK - firing short bursts aimed at enemies' heads for critical damage. The best part about this gun is that it can be fitted with all attachments in the game.

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4 - AUG

Release Date: July 2020, OB23

The AUG is based on the real world Steyr AUG made in Austria. The gun is famous for its slender and elegant curves - it is a popular pick for shooters like CS:GO. It is highly customizable and is still used to this day.

The AUG is based on an Austrian made gun Steyr AUG - the weapon is well known for its slender and elegant curves. Overall, the gun is a popular pick for video games... as a lot of shooters included it. The AUG is also highly customizable and is still used today.

New Gun In Free Fire 2020
Free Fire AUG

The version of AUG in Free Fire is actually pretty weak. Its stats are about the same as other guns... but its accuracy is much lower than average. This results in low effectiveness at long range - it would miss a lot. Overall, it is best to use this gun in mid and close-range fights... or just swap into another weapon. The AUG has a 2x scope by default and can be modified with any attachments in the game.

5 - Thompson

Release Date: April 2020, OB21

The Thompson is probably the oldest gun in Free Fire. It is based on a real life weapon of the same name... created 100 years ago during World War 1. No one uses this weapon anymore as its design is just too dated now.

New Gun In Free Fire 2020
Free Fire Thompson

The Thompson is average, stat-wise - it is not stronger or weaker than other guns in the same SMG Class. However, due to it being an older weapon, the Thompson can't be equipped with any other attachments than foregrip and muzzle. It's pretty bad in mid-range fights due to the lack of scope.

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