Guns are probably the most important factor in any shooter. With Free Fire having two weapon slots instead of one, unlike the usual, picking a weapon combo is crucial for combat. If a good combo was picked, you would be able to deal with pretty much every situation that might happen in the game.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 best gun combination in Free Fire for all types of players.

Assaulter's Combo

1 - FAMAS/Any AR + MP40

This combo is pretty easy to get... as all these weapons are rather common. If you aren't able to get a FAMAS, a SCAR or M4A1 would also work. The Famas is pretty much the most accurate weapon for middle-range headshots - its 3 bullets burst would ensure your accuracy and damage output.

Top Gun Combination in Free Fire

The MP40 is the backup main weapon in case you have to fight up close - it is the fastest gun in the game... with amazing quick sprays.

2 - M4A1/Any AR + M1014

A versatile combo - the M4A1 is very powerful at long range and is effective in pretty much every period of the game, as long as you support it with some attachments. While it does not hit as hard as the other guns in its class, the M4 has the best range out of all automatic AR.

Top Gun Combination in Free Fire
Top Gun Combination in Free Fire: The Underground Howl M1014

The M1014 is a beast in close range - it is a great backup weapon when you have to clear out buildings and fight in close quarters.

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3 - AK + VSS

The AK has always been popular in every shooter game, and Free Fire is not an exception. Its high damage per bullet makes tap headshot really effective... and in the late game when you have gotten your hand on high level attachments, the AK would be powerful enough to mow down pretty much any opponents in mid range.

Top Gun Combination in Free Fire

The VSS is a great backup plan with mid range support - you can pull it out to finish an enemy after damaging them with the AK.

4 - AN94/Any AR + M60

This combo is best for team games. The AN94 would serve fairly well at mid to long range due to its balanced stats and low rarity - you could find this gun pretty easily. The M60 is the best weapon to fight against multiple enemies - while it is not nearly as accurate as the usual AR, the M60's high magazine and damage work really well against multiple targets. Rushing in with the M60 on auto is definitely an option.

Top Gun Combination in Free Fire

5 - Groza + AK

This combo is reliant on your ability to acquire a Groza from airdrops, which is pretty rare. However, if you manage to get your hand on it, the Groza can pretty much be used for any type of situation, as it is the best automatic weapon in the Assault Rifle Class.

Which is the best gun combination in Free Fire?
Winterland Groza

The AK would serve as the long range option - its tap headshot is more effective than the Groza.

Sniper's Combo

1 - Kar98k/Any SR + M4A1

This is one of the most staple combos in Free Fire, with both weapons being easy to find. While you won't have much stopping power in close range fights, the M4A1 would serve as a backup for the Kar98k's sniping. With the M4A1's longer rang you can just pull it out to finish the rest of the enemies' HP points.

Which is the best gun combination in Free Fire?

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2 - M14 + Kar98K/Any SR

This combo is pretty hard to use... but if you managed to find the M14 and Rage Core attachment, this would be the strongest gun combo in the game. After sniping your enemies with the SR, you can just pull out the M14 to continue attacking them, with these two weapons having identical effective range.

The rage core is crucial - it would increase the gun's fire rate significantly.

3 - SKS + UMP

Bolster the sniping abilities of these two semi-auto SRs with the Armor-piercing capability of the UMP - this combo works pretty well in the late game, as both the SKS and UMP can pierce enemies' armor.

Which is the best gun combination in Free Fire?

4 - M82B + UMP

This combo can work better than the previous one if you have a decent aim - the M82B is the strongest Sniper Rifle in the game, even better than the AWM. Its armor piercing ability coupled with bonus damage to vehicles and Gloo Walls would aid you greatly in the late game.

Which is the best gun combination in Free Fire?

The UMP is a great backup weapon, but you can also try to replace it with the MP40.

5 - Woodpecker + M4A1/Any AR

The newly released Woodpecker is probably the most overpowered weapon in the game, with the highest armor penetration stats. This makes the gun super effective later on - rivaling even the M82B in stopping power. The M4A1 serves best as a backup choice.

Which is the best gun combination in Free Fire?

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