Gun King is one of Free Fire's more popular Arcade Mode, which usually gets switched in and out for a few days. Like other modes, Gun King comes with a special twist - in this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this mode along with a few tips and tricks to win Free Fire Gun King Mode.

Free Fire Gun King mode

1 - What is Free Fire Gun King Mode?

In this arcade mode, 8 players would fight to the death in a small restricted map on Bermuda. After each kill made by a weapon, players would gain a badge - they need to get enough badge to upgrade and advance to the next weapon. The first player who managed to cycle through all 14 weapons would win the match.

Free Fire Gun King mode
You would have to score more than one kill with a ranged weapon

Each match of Gun King would last for 10 minutes. If the timer runs out, the player with the most kills would be the winner. Players would spawn with full HP and EP in this mode.

Not all guns are equal - while you can upgrade some weapons with only 2 badges, others require 4 or even 5. Overall, the number of badges required is based on how strong the weapon is: if you are using a shotgun, the max badge limit would probably be 2... however, you would need 5 kills if it was an assault rifle. This is probably an attempt to balance the mode for the weaker weapons.

Free Fire Gun King mode
The weapon upgrade pathway in Gun King mode

Players always start with a throwing knife and end the gun chain with a melee weapon. Furthermore, the 13th weapon would always be a grenade. Killed players would automatically respawn at a random location on the map.

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2 - Strategy in Gun King Mode

Try to get the first kill

Overall, the first kill is really important. If you failed to get kills at the beginning of the game, it would be super hard to catch up, as without a gun, scoring a kill is almost impossible... and when you managed to do that, other players would have gained too much progress.

Free Fire Gun King mode

If you managed to score first blood, you would get a head start with a new, more effective weapon (usually the shotgun)

Know how to use different guns

You need to at least know something about all the guns, as this mode would often give you something you have barely ever used. Overall, the most important detail is probably your weapon's effective range: Shotgun for close, SMG for close/medium and Assault Rifle for every other case. With the map being fairly small, you usually don't need to snipe people from afar.

Free Fire Gun King mode
Free Fire Gun King mode: Kill enemies to get badges

Play it safe if you have weak weapons

If you rolled into a shotgun... or worse, a pistol, try to play it safe and hide somewhere on the map to ambush people. Don't take the risk and feed kills to your enemies - that would increase their counter and brings them closer to victory.

Try to steal kills

If you find enemies fighting each other, it is best to wait for a bit for them to damage each other a little bit instead of going in right away.

Gun King mode in Free Fire
Gun King mode in Free Fire: Get all badges to upgrade weapons

Aim the ones with high streaks

If possible, try to aim for players with high streaks and top position on the leaderboard to stop them from getting too far ahead..

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3 - Which character to use in Gun King Mode?

With this mode being vastly different from the usual battle royale, your skill build would also be different.

Offense skills

Hayato's Bushido, Jai's Furious Reload and A124's Thrill of Battle are the three best abilities in this mode - they would let you deal with multiple enemies in close range continuously. As you start with a full EP right away, there would be plenty of fuel for A124's skill. Jai's ability works really well with a lot of weapons in this mode like shotgun or smgs.

Defense skills

Alok, K and Andrew are the three best characters with defense skills for this mode - they would let you regen HP between fights fairly fast. As you start with a full EP bar, K's Jiu-Jitsu mode would have plenty of fuel to heal constantly... and when combined with Alok's ability, you would get back to full at a super-fast rate. Andrew's speed boost when taking damage would let you escape from fights much easier.

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