Attachments are a pretty important part of Free Fire - they improved the stats of equipped weapons, giving players the ability to customize their setup as needed. Every battle royale games have this kind of system... however, Free Fire's attachments go a bit further, with special weapon attachments that can only be equipped on certain guns.

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However, finding them to equip on the designated weapons is pretty much a chore - it is really hard to randomly acquire two specific items. This is the reason why Garena is going to implement this new "Weapon Versions" feature in the next update.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new feature.

1 - About Special Attachments

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There are 7 special attachments in Free Fire:

  • MP5 Electrical Booster: Increase Fire Rate
  • M60 Spiral Charger: Increase Accuracy and Damage
  • VSS Ripper Bullet: Add bleeding effect
  • M14 Rage Core: Increase Fire Rate
  • Kar98k Biometric Scope: Increase Accuracy
  • Plasma Thermal Boost: Increase Fire Rate
  • AWM Armor Piercer: Add Armor Penetration

Unlike normal attachments, these special gears are much more powerful and would improve the weapon drastically. The M14 Rage Core is probably the best - it singlehandedly boosted the M14 to top tier in the previous patch.

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2 - About the new "Weapon Version" feature

The seven weapons mentioned above would get new versions with letters behind it. That version of the weapon would come with a special attachment by default.

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This would boost the strength and popularity of these weapons significantly, as all special attachments are super strong. It is not sure if the special attachments are going to spawn normally or not - they might be removed from the drop list.

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