Free Fire has surpassed PUBG Mobile and take the title of the most popular battle royale in India after the latter's server got completely shut down in the country. Players migrated from PUBG Mobile often find Garena's Battle Royale rather "pay to win" and "unfair"... mostly due to its mechanics of characters' ability, pet and gun skins, which usually have to be purchased by real money (diamonds).

Free Fire Diamond Hack Club

In this guide for Free Fire Diamond Hack Club, we would show you how to download cracked APK files for Free Fire so that you would be able to buy everything you want.

1 - What are the best website For Free Fire Diamond Hack?

You can find the best hacks for Free Fire from these two sites: and Both pages are OK, but kingmodapk has a faster download speed. There are actually three versions of this hack: Resource Hack (diamond/gold), Gameplay hack (Aimbot/ESP) and Skin hack (Lulubox).

Free Fire Diamond Hack Club

This supports multiple types of gamers - some people just want to play the game normally with good skins instead of hacking to get unfair advantages... while other people just want to have fun with aimbots. Gameplay hacks are more likely to get reported, of course, while skin hacks are usually undetected.

It is recommended that you frequent those pages to get updates for the hack every time Free Fire gets an update... in case Garena upgraded their anti-cheat software, your device would be banned. Creating a new account for this hack is also a good idea.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Club

Besides hacks for Free Fire, you can also get a lot of mods, cheats and hacks for other games like PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans or even Ludo King. They might be worth downloading... usually, the hacked version would of those games has everything unlocked.

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2 - How to install Free Fire Modded APK?

Firstly, you need to get the setup file .APK and the data file .OBB from the site by downloading then to your phone. Below are the two links for the download pages.


On kingmodapk, there are multiple older versions of the hack - it is not recommended to download them, you usually only need the latest one. It is best to bookmark the page on your browser to get the update as fast as possible.

You need to enable "unknown sources " before installing this APK file. While you can have both versions of Free Fire on your phone, it is best to uninstall the legit version of Free Fire before trying out the hack.

Run the APK and install the game. Afterward, decompress the OBB data file then move it to the directory "Sdcard > Android > OBB". If you can't open the obb file on your phone, download the RAR app on the Google Play Store.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Club

Run the game and log in to enjoy the hacks.

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3 - What are the features of this hacked APK?

Besides diamond hacks, this APK also has many more features

Map Hack / Wallhack

This hack would let you see the location of enemies nearby... through walls and all other obstacles. Overall, it is best to just run this hack alone, as you would get some advantage.. but you still get to shoot people yourself.

garena free fire diamond hack club
Unlimited resources using Garena Free Fire Diamond Hack Club


This hack would reduce all damage taken from enemy attacks to zero... no one would be able to kill you with it activated. However, people might report you if they can't kill you after a full magazine on your head - you need to be careful.

Aimbot / Headshot

This hack would let your character automatically aim at enemies in sight and fire as soon as you see them. There are various options for this - from "Increase Damage" to "Only Headshot" and "Only Bodyshot". Just use the body shot option, as people would be more suspicious of you if you get multiple headshot kills in a row.

This hack is not really popular as most people want to get skins and play the game normally.

Free Fire Diamond Hack Club

Unlimited Diamond and Gold

You would get an unlimited amount of currency like Diamond and Gold to roll as much as you want... in the game's various royales. Other currencies like Magic Cubes are also unlocked as well.

Bypassing Garena's Cheat Detection

This modded APK would bypass Garena's anti-cheat system to keep your account safe - it is highly unlikely that you would get banned using this apk hack. To be on the safe side... just don't log your real account in.

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