Weapons in Free Fire are not created equal - each of them has specific perks and quicks that you need to get used to while shooting. While some weapons like the AWM are super accurate, with bullets always hit the target of your cursors... others can miss even if you are aiming right.

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In this list, we would showcase the top 5 weapons with the least accuracy stats - weapons with the same stat might share a spot on this list. Melee weapons and Shotguns are not counted - shotguns shoot out a hail of bullets, with most of them automatically miss the target, while melee weapons do not shoot a projectile.

5 - AK

Accuracy: 41

The AK gets super inaccurate after the first few bullets - its recoil is just insane. At least Free Fire's version of the AK has very high stats - with a whopping 72 range and 61 damage, you can compensate for the high recoil and low accuracy very easily.

Flaming Dragon Ak
Flaming Dragon AK looks very cool and impressive

4 - UMP

Accuracy: 36

The UMP is probably the strongest SMG in Free Fire - it is the only weapon with Armor Penetration in its class. The low accuracy is probably added to make up for that - you would not be able to use this gun in anything but close range fights.

Ump Free Fire

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3 - AUG

Accuracy: 35

Garena probably has overbalanced the AUG - it is surprisingly weak compared to the existing weapon roster in Free Fire. With an abysmal accuracy stat, you would not be able to perform the usual AR sniping tricks... but at least it is somewhat stable when you aim down the scope.

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2 - MP40

Accuracy: 17

The MP40 is pretty much the UMP on steroid - it has the fastest firing rate in the game... and the poorest range and accuracy out of all SMGs. You pretty much can't damage anything outside of melee ranges when using the MP40.


1 - M500

Accuracy: 10

The sidearm M500 is probably amongst the worst weapons in Free Fire... with its stats actively working against its function. Overall, the gun was designed for long-range combat, with a scope and a respectable 72 range... as long as an Assault Rifle. However... when it comes to actual combat, the 10 accuracy on this gun would make your shots highly inaccurate at any targets in medium range or higher.


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