Free Fire's last update of 2020, OB 25, is going to hit the live server in 2 days... and with it, a brand new character named Chrono is going to be added. If you thought K's skill is already strong enough... you would be blown away with Chrono's skill - "Time Turner" would render everyone in the Globe immune to bullets for 10 seconds or 500 damage.

Skill Karakter Chrono Free Fire

In this article, we would list out the top skills to use in combination with Chrono.

1 - When to use Time Turner?

Time Turner is an excellent skill that can be used both offensively and defensively... but due to the nature of the skill being a shield, there are more defensive usages. You can throw it toward a teammate to revive them, deploy it under yourself to evade ambush... or even throw it on a passage to block enemies' line of fire.

Skill Karakter Baru Free Fire

As enemies cannot shoot past it, they would have to either wait for the skill to expire or get closer.

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2 - Skill combinations for Chrono

With this shield in mind, Alok and K's would be the best to use in combination with this ability. With both their abilities being health regeneration over time, enemies would not be able to out damage it and kill you. Clu's Tracing Steps is a great choice as well... if the enemy decided to run and wait for the globe to expire.

Free Fire Chrono 93c6

Chrono's skills work extremely well with a sniper... as you would be able to put up a bubble and continue to fire without having to fear retaliation. Because of that, the combo of Laura, Rafael, Hayato is the best (especially if you are trying to use something like the SVD or Woodpecker). Rafael and Laura's skills work really well together... one increases your accuracy while the other prevents you from getting detected on the map.

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