The Elite Pass is something Garena release every month - they usually make at least a few of them in advance... This is the reason why we already get news about the January pass at the start of December.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the season 32 pass: 'Ghost Cloak'

1 - Release Date of Season 32 Elite Pass

The current Elite Pass for December "Way to Eternity", will conclude on December 31... with players getting a few days of "grace period" to obtain all items they haven't claimed from the pass. The January pass would kick in right away, on January 1st.


The pre-order for the pass would start on December 29th, and players can buy it for a modest sum of 1200 diamonds. People who pre-order the pass would get exclusive rewards.

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2 - Season 32 Theme

The theme for this pass is going to be pretty weird - neon/clown/horror hybrid, with inspirations from Halloween (which already passed months ago). The flaming skull and the attire of the male set look somewhat like the Marvel character Ghost Rider... but in Green and Purple. The Female set is pretty unremarkable - it is similar to countless hip-hop style sets released previously. At least it is pretty sexy, with the exposed belly.

Skins Passe De Elite Janeiro 2021

The female set would be unlocked at 50 badges while you would need 225 for the male one.

Itens Passa De Elite Janeiro 2021

Above are highlights items for this pass:

  • The Necro motorbike skin can be unlocked right away after the elite pass is purchased. It looks fairly good, with purple, neon green and flame decorations all over.
  • The Necro lootbox, which looks like an arcade machine, is unlocked after 150 badges. The name of the box is "Ghost Killer".
  • The Necro backpack can be unlocked after 200 badges - it looks like some weird contraption with tubes connected to the front. Overall, this backpack is probably intended for the male set.
  • The Necro grenade, which looks like a disemboweled head. Unlocked after 125 badges.
  • The Necro Thompson, which has all the flaming neon decorations covered all over its body, magazine and barrels.

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