Free Fire Esports is going really strong in 2021 with many big tournaments with big prize pools for all teams to compete. One big problem that Free Fire Esports is facing is cheaters who are trying to win tournaments using unfair means.

Free Fire Open City 2021
The Free Fire City Open 2021 feature a big prize pool of Rs 60 Lakh.

The Free Fire City Open 2021 is a recent open tournament for all teams from 8 regions of India to join. The tournament features a big prize pool of Rs 60 Lakh. Teams were chosen through the FFC mode in the game and the qualifiers ended on April 30.

Free Fire City Open Format 6ba6
Free Fire City Open Format and Schedule

In an official update on the Facebook fan page of Free Fire Esports India, they announced that 8 teams banned from the tournament for using cheat software. The anti-cheat software detected their misconduct during qualifiers matches on April 30.

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Free Fire Hack
Free Fire Esports India announced the disqualification of 8 teams who used cheat software.

List of disqualified teams for using cheat software

Below is the list of 8 teams who were disqualified for using hacks in Free Fire City Open 2021.

  • Daddy FF Gaming
  • Tripura Boys
  • BlackPearl
  • RGX Army
  • VIP Danger Boys

Because of this incident, Free Fire decided to go through the data of the top 3000 teams once again and ask teams to confirm their information.

All teams will receive an e-mail for them to submit their details. Teams who get the email are not guaranteed to be chosen for the next phase of the Free Fire City Open 2021. However, teams who failed to enter their information will be forfeiting their chances of playing in the event.

The next stage of the Free Fire City Open will be the Regional Finals, which will start from June 15 to July 9. The Nation Finals will be on August 15.

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