Pet are wonderful companions to have on the virtual battlegrounds of Garena Free Fire. They only look cute, some also have special skills that could come in very handy in sticky situations. But the problem is, there are so many pets in the game that it may be overwhelming to choose. So, we've decided to rank our top 5 pets in Garena Free Fire as of May 2021.

Free Fire Pets
Check out the best pets in Free Fire as of May 2021!

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Top 5 Pets In Garena Free Fire As Of May 2021

#1 - Detective Panda

Detective Panda's unique ability - Panda's Blessings, restores HP with every kill. That's right, whenever you take down an enemy, you will get some HP back for free. At level 1, he will restore 4 HP upon a kill. And at level 7 or pet skill level 3, the figure goes up to 10 HP per kill.

Detective Panda Money Heist
Detective Panda finds his way to the number 1 spot.

#2 - Rockie

Rockie's unique ability is "Stay Chill". It decreases the cooldown time of equipped active skills of a character by 6%. At the maximum level, Rockie can take 15% off of the CD time.

#3 - Robo

Next stop, we have Robo with his Wall Enforcement skill. It adds another layer of shield to the gloo wall, providing an extra 60 HP. At pet skill level 3, you're looking at a 100 HP bonus for the gloo wall deployed.

Pets Free Fire Robo
Robo is a very common pet to have

#4 - Mr. Waggor

Coming in at number 4 in our top 5 best pets in Garena Free Fire is Mr. Waggor and his Smooth Gloo unique ability. The Smooth Gloo can replace the regular Gloo Wall. If players do not have a gloo wall with them, this skill will create a gloo wall grenade every 120 seconds at the 1st level. At skill level 3, it will create one every 100 seconds, if the players have less than 2 gloo wall grenades.

Mr Waggor Pet
Mr. Waggor can be very useful to replace Gloo Walls.

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#5 - Ottero

Last but not least, we have Ottero. His ability is "Double Blubber". This skill allows players to recover EP while using a treatment gun or a medkit. The EP restored equals 35% of the HP recovered. For example, if you apply one medkit, you can recover 26 EP. The figure increases to 65% at level 3.

Ottero Pet
Ottero is just always jolly.

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