Maro is the latest character to join Garena Free Fire in the OB27 World Series update. However, survivors cannot purchase him off the in-game store just yet. But what if we tell you that you can get this character for free? Free Fire has just released the Falconer Top Up event, offering players a chance to win both Maro and his new bundle for free!

Free Fire Maro New
Maro and Xayne are two of the latest additions to the Free Fire roster.

Let's check out more details about this new event in Free Fire!

Claim Maro Character For Free In Free Fire Falconer Top Up Event

As we have mentioned earlier, Maro isn't available in the in-game store just yet. Instead, if players want to own this character, the Falconer Top Up event is currently the only way to do so!

Free Fire Maro Top Up
Top up 200 Diamonds to win the character for free!

To get Free Fire Maro character for free, you have to top up 200 Diamonds. As soon as you purchase 200 Diamonds from the store, Maro will magically appear in your inventory! For those who are already planning on buying the character, this is too good of a chance to miss! You can have Maro for free while saving 200 Diamonds for other purchases.

On top of that, you can get both Maro and his Falconer bundle for 500 Diamonds!

Here are the rewards for the Falconer Top Up event: 

  • Maro Character - Top-up 200 Diamonds
  • Maro's Falconer Bundle - Top-up 500 Diamonds

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Falconer Top Up
This is a great opportunity to own the character before the whole server.

Follow the steps below to top-up Free Fire Diamonds and claim the new character, Maro, for free:

  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire and click on the "Diamond" icon at the top of the screen.
  • #2: Top-up 200 Diamonds or 500 Diamonds. You can purchase more if you want.
  • #3: Open the Events tab via the Calendar icon on the right of the lobby screen.
  • #4: Choose the Falconer Top Up event tab.
  • #5: Claim your rewards.

About Maro in Free Fire

According to the Free Fire, Maro is a 32-year-old Falconer. He also partakes in bowhunting as a hobby.

Free Fire Maro Ability
Maro's ability is Falconer Fervor.

In the game, Maro has a passive ability called Falcon Fervor. At level 1, it increases damage over distance by 5% and damage to tagged enemies by 1%. At level 6, the damage over distance is increased to 25%, and damage done to marked enemies increases to 3.5%.

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