Redeem codes are special gift codes to come out of Garena Free Fire to promote the game or celebrate a milestone and events. By using the code, Free Fire survivors have a chance to claim various items for absolutely free. But that is also the reason why you don't see a lot of codes out in the wild. To help you keep track of all the codes released so far, check out our list of Free Fire redeem code daily update in 2021.

Free Fire Rewards Site
Check out the following awesome redeem codes!

About Free Fire Redeem Code

Generally speaking, redeem codes are gift codes that Garena gives out to Free Fire players. All Free Fire survivors can redeem the codes to get various items from the Rewards Redemption Site. And we must emphasize that only Garena has the right to publish redeem codes for Free Fire. Other third-parties cannot!

Free Fire Redeem Code Rewards
Use Free Fire redeem codes to claim tons of free rewards.

Here are a few things you need to notice about Free Fire Redeem Code:

  • Each code has a different pool of rewards.
  • A legit Free Fire redeem code consists of 12 different characters (both number and alphabetical). There are no two identical codes.
  • Players in a certain server may not be able to use the redeem codes from other servers.
  • Free Fire redeem codes have an expiration date. The codes will expire after a certain period of time or a specific number of redemptions.

Free Fire Redeem Code Daily Update

So far in 2021, Garena has released a lot of redeem codes. Here's a list of all redeem codes, their rewards, and the respective servers. This Free Fire redeem code daily update today list will be arranged from the latest to the oldest.

Pet Box
Pet Boxes are also the items you can get from redeeming codes.

Currently, players can log into Free Fire and claim a Leap of Faith Surfboard, Water Fest, and Guitar Basher for free!

Here's the redeem code for May 19thESX24ADSGM4K

This redeem code comes after all three of the view milestones on Free Fire Bangladesh released a special Eid music video have been reached.

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List of redeem codes released in May 2021:

  • FF8MBDXPVCB1: 10 Magic Cube Fragments and a Shuffling emote - Indonesian server
  • BPDSDHCXPXWT: 2 Free Mr. Waggor Loot Boxes - European server
  • AJDG753HLHS5: Dj. Alok - Indian server
  • FFESPORTSJLC: 1 Phantom Weapon Loot Crate and a Gold Royale Voucher - European server
  • 245QMX2MXSZN: 1 Free Character - Middle East Server
  • FF8M82QK7C2M: 1 Famas Moonwalk Loot Crate - Indonesian server
  • UBJJ2A7G23L6: 1 Chrono Box - European server
  • 8QW6TDX2D8A4: MAG-7 Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate and Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate - European server
  • FFESPORTSSQA: A124 bobblehead avatar and Unleash Inhibition Backpack - Indonesian server
  • FV385V6HXJ97: 1 Firefighters Loot Crate - European server

Free Fire Redeem Code Daily Update 2021 

Check out the list of redeem codes released earlier in 2021:

Free Fire Redeem Code Booyah
Check out the redeem codes released so far in 2021.
  • FF8MBDXPVCB1Egg Day Banner
  • FFESPORTS3MU: Shirou Bobblehead, Mr. Shark Backpack, Kelly Bobblehead, Spikey Spine Surfboard
  • FFICDCTSL5FT: 1x Diamond Royale Voucher
  • FF7MUY4ME6SC: Paleolithic Bundle
  • FFBCLY4LNC4B: Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate
  • ZH6CDBXFDSPN: Head Hunting Parachute
  • FFBCT7P7N2P2: Animal Weapon Loot Crate
  • FFBCC4QWKLL9: Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate
  • FFBCEGMPC3HZ: Justice Fighter and Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate
  • 9GJT66GNDCLN: 4x MP40 and Sneaky Clown Weapon Loot Crate
  • SPEH-GSOL-DTUE: Free Diamonds
  • SD19-RKJ1-75GR: Dragon AK
  • SDKL-UHG7-GYT9: Titan Scar skins
  • YUH6-RHOP-TDFZ: A free pet
  • 5G9GCY97UUD4: 1x Rebel Academy Weapon Loot Crate
  • FF6M1L8SQAUY: Free Fire Diamond
  • FTT7-LMDP-FUBE: Free outfit
  • FBSH-ARE1-0RBU: Paloma character

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Phantom P90
A rare item could always have a chance to be among the rewards inside a redeem code!

Note: Some of the redeem codes above may have expired, which means players cannot use them. Please check the codes before using them.

How to Use Redeem Code in Free Fire?

Above are all redeem codes released so far in May 2021. We've done the Free Fire redeem code daily update search and compiled the list for your convenience. The remaining job now is to enter the code into the Rewards Redemption Center and claim your rewards.

Free Fire Redeem Code Error
Beware of the errors when using redeem codes!

You can do so by following the steps below:

  • #1 Visit the official Free Fire's Rewards Redemption Center.
  • #2 Log into your Free Fire account via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple ID, VK, or Huawei ID. Choose the platform to which you bind your account.
  • #3 In the blank boxes, enter the redeem code.
  • #4 Click the "Confirm" button to trigger a conversation box and click "OK" again.
  • #5 When the website says you have successfully redeemed the code, you will receive the reward within 24 hours. Check your mail box.

​That's is the end of our list of Free Fire redeem code daily update for May 18th. Remember, not all of the codes above are active. Please check carefully before you use them. For more informative articles, visit our website at

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