Garena Free Fire developers often release their in-game events that offer gamers a chance to get a plethora of exclusive items.

Meanwhile, the Crystal Cube event has recently kicked off on May 17. Its primary attraction is the latest Persia Valor bundle. If you are wondering how to get Persia Valor bundle in Free Fire, here’s a guide for you.

Crystal Cube Event
Check out how to get Persia Valor bundle in Free Fire now!

About Persia Valor Bundle in Free Fire

When the heat from the Mystery Shop has not died down, yet another event has come to the surface and is creating a frenzy among gamers.

As aforementioned, the Persia Valor bundle is up for grabs in the new Crystal Cube event and it will last from May 17 to May 23. You will have to shell your in-game diamonds out in order to get this bundle.

Persia Valor
The bundle has nine items in total.

For the unknown, the Persia Valor Bundle includes these items:

  • Persia Valor (Top)
  • Persia Valor (Bottom)
  • Persia Valor (Head)
  • Persia Valor (Mask)
  • Persia Valor (Shoes)

The entire nine rewards are available in Free Fire’s Crystal Cube event and you will need to make a spin on the Crystal Cube to see whether you can win the bundle.

Calendar Free Fire Event
Here is the guide and tip on how to get the new bundle.

In the meantime, the items that have been obtained will be greyed out. You would also be able to choose to get rid of one remaining reward from the prize pool prior to the next spin. With this method, you will surely get the Persia Valor Bundle in five tries.

On another hand, it is worth remembering that the cost of each spin will increase as the quantity of items in the pool will reduce.

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How to get Persia Valor bundle in Free Fire

Now to the main part, you can follow the following steps to connect to the Crystal Cube event and garner the new and highly-sought-after pack:

1. You have to open the Free Fire app and hit the “Calendar” (events) icon which is on the screen’s right side.

Persia Valor Bundle
Follow these steps and click "GO TO" before spinning the wheel.

2. Now, you should scroll through the tab named “News” and hit the “Crystal Cube” option.

3. You then need to click on the “GO TO” option before choosing the “Spin” icon.

Upcoming events in Free Fire

Free Fire is known for its frequency in rolling out new and unique content to attract players. With their events, Free Fire game users can obtain free rewards like special skins, bundles, pets, and characters. These are the upcoming Free Fire events in May you should look forward to for new items:

  • Ramadan event
  • Summer event/Beach day event
  • Green Flame Draco M1014 Faded Wheel
  • Diamond Royale bundles

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