The new Free Fire Maro character is coming to the game on May 29. He was designed based on an Arab artist named Mohamed Ramadan

His ability is called Falcon Fervor, which increases his damage based on the distance to the target, up to 25%. It is no doubt a really strong ability, which means Maro will become a really hot character when he is released.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 3 weapons to combo with Maro.

Free Fire Maro
New Maro character is coming to Free Fire at the end of May.


The AWM is the king of sniper rifles in Free Fire. It has an insane effective range and damage, making it really easy to maximize the damage of Falcon Fervor. You will be easily one-shot the enemy from far away with the 25% damage increase no matter what kind of armor they are wearing.

Awm Duke Swallowtail Free Fire
The AWM is the strongest sniper rifle in Free Fire


The M82B is the only weapon that can penetrate Gloo Wall and probably the strongest gun in Free Fire. But the damage will be reduced when the bullet goes through the Gloo Wall. Maro's ability will help increase the damage.

Free Fire M82b Gfg5
Both the M82B and Maro make a great combo with Moco.

Moreover, the M82B and Maro both work perfectly with Moco. Moco helps you hit the enemy behind Gloo Wall accurately while Maro has a 3% damage bonus on marked target by Moco.


The SVD is one of the best sniper rifles in the game with high damage, high range, and armor penetration. The weapon hit extremely hard on the enemy's body and Maro will make it even stronger. 2 to 3 shots are all you need to take down anyone.

Svd Free Fire
The SVD can take down any enemy with a few body shots

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