Free Fire made by Garena was launched back in 2017 and has become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. The reason behind its success is probably the low system requirements, fast-paced gameplay and excellent community.

Based on the results from Sensor Tower, looks like Free Fire has finally surpassed its rival PUBG Mobile on the global stage. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know.

Top mobile games by worldwide downloads

The data was compiled by Sensor Tower, a data analysis firm. Apparently, Free Fire has remained on the third spot in the overall list for 4 months in a row now while being the most popular game in India in 2021. Most players of the game seem to come from Android, as it is not even in the top 10 for iOS's AppStore. Despite that, the game still managed to claim the top 3 overall. The battle of PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire has probably concluded.

Top Mobile Games By Worldwide Downloads April 2021
Top Mobile Games By Worldwide Downloads April 2021: PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire

Bridge Race from Supersonic Studios topped the chart with the #1 spot on both storefronts. In April alone, the game scored over 28 million installs worldwide. India has the most downloads with 15.5 percent total, with the runner-up being the United States at 11.4 percent. Free Fire was previously number 2 on the Google store in March, but it was bumped down in April.

Bridge Race
Bridge Race from Supersonic Studios

Supersonic also has 2 more games on the top list, with Join Clash 3D and Subway Surfers getting #7 and #8. Their 3 titles accumulated over 107.7 million downloads across both platforms.

High Heels by Zynga
High Heels by Zynga

High Heels by Zynga is the second most downloaded game on the list, with 24 million installs last month. India also led in this section, with over a third of the downloads coming from the country. The second spot is the US at only 8 percent.

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Why did PUBG Mobile fall off so much?

PUBG Mobile by Tencent has fallen out of the top list - it only retains the sixth spot on the Apple App Store, which is more or less negligible. This is probably the effect of the India ban - the game was suddenly barred from the biggest player base in the world. Because of that it has fallen off the cliff and shown no sign of life whatsoever... while Free Fire is flourishing.

Pubg Mobile
PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Looks like PUBG is losing popularity.

Based on the top 10 games on the list, the mobile player base of India is more or less the deciding factor. Ludo King, 8 Ball Pool and the like... are only popular in India. Free Fire has taken advantage of that and claim the whole battle royale market in the country.

PUBG Mobile probably won't come back to the top anytime soon, as the new Battlegrounds Mobile India is considered to be a brand new game, with a different app ID. The game is expected to come out next month.

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