Garena Free Fire releases a new big update once every 2 months to keep the game engaging and enhance the overall experience. The next update is going to be OB28, scheduled for a June release. Before a big update, the developers always release a closed beta called "Advance Server" in which players can join and looks for bugs to get free diamonds.

Free Fire Ob28
The Next OB28 Update in Free Fire is going to hit very soon.

In this article, we are going to showcase everything available so far about the Free Fire OB28 update, along with a guide for advance server registration.

1 - About Free Fire Advance Server OB28

Bg Main
The Banner of Free Fire OB28 update Advance Server

Usually, Garena introduces the Advance server 2 weeks before the actual update of the game. With the next update going live around June 10, 2021, it is likely that the advance server would start on May 26. The Free Fire OB28 advance server would last for a week, during which players are able to access the new features before they are added to the global version.

The new character Sverr appears on the cover art of the registration page. It is very likely that he is the next character to be added to the game. We can see Andrew holding a radio as well.

2 - How to register for beta testing in Free Fire Advance Server OB28?

The registration for this month's advance server has not yet been opened. Players can follow the steps below to register as soon as it is out.

  1. Open the official page for Free Fire Advance Server registration
  2. Tap the Sign in with Facebook button then enter all necessary personal data required (name, email and mobile number)
  3. Tap the Sign up now button to complete the registration.
Rewards Advance Server
Rewards for contribution in Advance Server

You should be able to download the APK file as soon as the server is out. The page would then provide you with an activation code to access the beta - only selected players could get them. As for the rewards, players can get certain amounts of diamonds by reporting bugs on the Advance Server.

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3 - New Characters Snowelle and Sverr

As usual, we are going to get two new characters for each "OB" update. The new additions in OB28 are Snowelle and Sverr, two original characters who are not based on any real-life personalities. They have been showcased way back in OB24 last year, with only their skills and Sverr's appearance revealed.

About Snowelle

Now, Garena has finally revealed Snowelle's design. Her passive skill "Nano Nerves" is going to be a "Counter" type of ability that restricts others from activating skills or regenerating HP. Within 5s of being hit by Snowelle, enemies are unable to use active skills, unable to convert EP into HP. CD 30s.

Free Fire OB28 New character Snowelle

It is unsure how this passive works. The 30s cooldown might be either "per-activation" (goes into cd every time you trigger it) or "per target" (goes into separate cooldown for each target).

Snowelle's skill
Snowelle's skill

Snowelle's backstory is related to the android A124. Apparently, Snowelle created her and orchestrated her escape from the lab.

About Sverr

Sverr is a former MMA fighter who has clashed (and lost) to Kla in the past. His skill "Going Berserk" consumes HP for a damage buff. At max level, it consumes 30 HP to increase his damage output by 20% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 30s.

Free Fire Sverr
Free Fire OB28 new character Sverr

Overall, this has the potential to become one of the most powerful abilities in Free Fire yet. This damage buff can stack perfectly on other buffs like Maro's - you can get almost +50% extra damage that way.

Sverr's skill
Sverr's skill

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4 - New Vehicles: Boat and Scooter

Free Fire is getting two brand new vehicles this patch. The Scooter is likely to be a slower variant of the motorcycle while the boat is probably going to be faster than the amphibious car.

Scooter OB28
The Scooter is Shirou's signature vehicle in Free Fire OB28 Update.

The boat is only going to be available on Purgatory and Kalahari. Bermuda has too little water surface and it would have no impact.

OB28 Boat
Unlike the Amphibious Car, the boat is only usable in water.

5 - New Weapons: G18 Akimbo and Wichita MK40

The G18 Akimbo has been showcased in a recent trailer. This is probably an attempt to buff the gun a little, as it is pretty much the weakest weapon in Free Fire right now.

Free Fire Ob27 Update G18 Akimbo
Kelly using the G18 Akimbo

The Wichita MK40 is a high-powered "hunting" pistol. It is by no means a popular weapon, as no other video games have used it before. You can expect the Wichita MK40 to work similarly to the existing Desert Eagle.

Wichita Mark 40 Silhouette Pistol
The Wichita Mark 40 Silhouette Pistol in real life

6 - New game mechanic: Fire guns while inside vehicles

You can now fire weapons while inside a car, as long as you are not driving.

Free Fire Ob27 Update Fire From Vehicle
Free Fire OB28 Update Fire From Vehicle

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