The M14 is one of the most underrated weapons in Free Fire. While the base version of the gun is fairly mediocre comparing to its peer in the Marksman rifle class, the Rage Core version of the M14 is absolutely amazing. It boasts both high damage per shot, long-range and a fast attack speed... in exchange for a lower drop chance.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most powerful M14 skins in Free Fire.

5 - M14 Horizon

The Horizon skin boosts the already high damage of the M14 even further, with ++ on Damage.

M14 Horizon
M14 Horizon

The minor accuracy demerit is not a big deal, as the M14 already has a high accuracy stat. Appearance-wise, the Horizon looks fairly decent, with blue, golden and white paint all over its surface. Apparently, the paint job is based on an actual horizon in the sky.

This skin has a lower rarity so it is fairly easy to find.

4 - M14 Game Streamer

The Game Streamer M14 has a more spread-out bonus comparing to the previous Horizon. As the M14 already has high damage, the extra range actually matters more than just more damage. The Magazine demerit is noticeable but manageable - usually, you don't go auto on the M14 anyway.

M14 Game Streamer
M14 Game Streamer

Appearance-wise, the M14 Game Streamer looks really good, with its body decorated with the head of a ferocious tiger. Its paint is a mixture of golden and black, with the barrel of the gun decorated with a golden claw mark.

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3 - M14 Winterlands

Due to the M14's high base damage, bonus fire rate is the best thing that a skin could offer. The Winterlands has ++ in rate of fire, which is a decent increase in the M14's damage output. The accuracy demerit is manageable, of course, as the gun's base stat is already high enough.

M14 Winterlands
M14 Winterlands

The M14 Winterlands is designed based on a Christmas theme, with its whole body decorated with streaks of red, white and blue. There is a white drawing of Santa Claus on his sled as well.

2 - M14 Egg Hunter

The Egg Hunter is one of the few legendary skins of this gun. The bonus stats for the M14 Egg Hunter are ++ range and + damage, which are perfect for this weapon. The strength of the M14 gets boosted even further while its weakness, the lower damage stat, gets boosted to an acceptable level.

M14 Egg Hunter
M14 Egg Hunter

Appearance-wise, the Egg Hunter does not look as good. Its body is decorated by a pretty boring combination of black and purple.

1 - M14 Lively Beast

The Lively Beast M14 has the same bonus as the Winterlands. However, its demerit is actually better. As the M14 is a Marksman rifle, it doesn't really need a high magazine size. Therefore, a demerit in Magazine is not nearly as hard to deal with as an accuracy deficit.

M14 Lively Beast
M14 Lively Beast is the best amongst all M14 skins.

The Lively Beast also looks considerably better as well, with a lot of neon colors decorating its body. The main part is probably the body of the gun, which was decorated with a mouth full of sharp teeth.

This is the end of our list for M14 skins in Free Fire. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post for the Top 5 Shooter Games Similar To GTA 5 Vs Free Fire On Android.