Free Fire's character system is one of the most unique parts of the game. Since the introduction of this feature, 37 characters have been released. Amongst them, Kla and Alok are in the top 3 most picked. In this article, we are going to showcase Free Fire Kla vs Alok to see which is the better character.

1 - About Kla Character in Free Fire


Kla is a famous martial artist in the world of Free Fire. He practices Muay Thai, with specialties being punches, which can deal very high damage. His fists are considered super powerful and can break "anything and everything" in the ring.

In real life, Muay Thai focuses on both kicks and punches

Kla's backstory is shrouded in mystery. A few years before the events of Free Fire, Kla disappeared and no one was able to find him. When Free Fire happens, Kla came back very different - even his friends were not able to recognize him. Apparently, Kla comes back as an avenger - he would give no mercy to his enemies.

Kla also appeared in the backstory of the unreleased character Sverr, who was defeated by Kla some time ago.

Kla's ability

You can buy Kla in the shop with either 8000 coins or 499 diamonds. His ability is named Muay Thai - it massively increases the damage dealt by his fist. The bonus damage increases as you level up the ability, up to +400%.

At levels 3 and 6, players can unlock Avenger's Fists Jacket and Art of Eight.

Kla in Free Fire
Kla in Free Fire

How to use Kla's ability?

Kla's ability is massively powerful with the right build. It is still pretty hard to play, of course, as you are bringing fists to a gunfight. Muay That quintupled Kla's fist damage - one Muay Thai punch would deal as much damage as 5 normal punches.

Melee with Kla is actually pretty viable, as you can move twice as fast unarmed comparing to having a melee weapon. Your active skill of choice should either be Hayato Firebrand, Alok, Xayne or A124.

Hayato's Art of Blade reduces all damage taken as long as you don't fire a gun - just activate it and rush enemies with your fist. As long as you have enough HP it should be easy to get a kill. Alok, Xayne and A124 are the usual healing abilities that can be used in the middle of a fight.

Special mention should be on Alok's skill - you can achieve the fastest movement speed in the game by holding no weapons while running with Drop the Beat active.

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2 - About Alok character in Free Fire


Alok's backstory in the Free Fire world is hardly anything special. He is just a celebrity who randomly gets involved with the Free Fire program.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
Alok's ability activation

Alok's ability

You can buy Alok in the shop for 599 diamonds. His ability is named Drop the Beat - an active skill that increases the movement speed and HP regen of all allied units in the radius.

At level 1, the skill creates a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed by 10% and restore 5 HP for 5 seconds. CD 45s. The movement speed bonus increases by 1% each level, to a maximum of 15%. The duration increases by 1s each level, to a maximum of 10s.

How to use Alok's ability?

Alok has always been one of the most versatile and powerful characters in the game, ever since his release back in 2019.

Alok Free Fire
Alok has always been a top pick

His ability "Drop The Beat" provides both movement speed and healing bonus for a whopping 10 seconds, which is more than enough for a small skirmish. The speed bonus lets you move around the battlefield faster and flank your enemies... while the heal is just the cherry on top.

Alok is also an essential character to pick in duo mode and squad mode as well. His skill is one of the best support abilities in the game - you can heal your whole team with one activation.

3 - Free Fire Kla Vs Alok

According to the data published by Garena last year, Kla is the most popular character in the game, with over 32 billion picks. Alok is only in 3rd place, with 30 billion. This is actually pretty unexpected, as nobody picks Kla's ability in competitive modes. Both characters are actually based on a real-life celeb - one from Thailand and one from Brazil.

Free Fire Kla vs Alok
Find out which is the better character between Free Fire Kla vs Alok

With Alok getting a resurgent in 2021, it is likely that Alok is going to surpass Kla and become the most popular character very soon. Skill-wise, Alok is miles better than Kla in almost all categories.

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