Duo mode is one of the more underestimated formats in Free Fire, with players usually focusing on squad or solo. However, it is definitely a legit way to climb ranks, especially if you don't have enough people for a full squad match. Coordination is the key in this mode, as two players need to watch each other's back in a fight.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best abilities to use in Free Fire Duo mode.

5 - Kapella's Healing Song

It is actually a good idea to have both players of your team equipping Kapella's Healing Song passive. With this ability at max level, you would get an extra 20% HP from healing items and 10% from healing skills, which save quite a bit of EP for other purposes. This also synergy with other healing skills like Xayne or A124 to regen even more HP.

Kapella's Healing Song
Kapella's Healing Song

There's also a bonus on reviving squadmates as well. Upon getting up, they would get extra HP from Kapella's skill.

4 - Chrono's Time Turner

While Chrono's nerfed super hard in OB27, the strength of his shield remains unchanged. While this does not matter much in solo mode, the shield is able to cover up for two players in Duo. This enables a lot more strategies - you can throw down a shield to help your teammate up or cover an area to create a temporary safe zone.

Chrono's Time Turner
Chrono's Time Turner

The shield is extremely lethal in the late game, especially when your enemies do not expect it.

3 - K's Master of All

K's Master of All has two modes: one is a passive ability that regenerates EP while the other is an aura that increases EP conversion. The aura is what makes K good in Duo mode - you can boost your teammate's healing up constantly, which is highly efficient in combat.

 K's Master of All
K's Master of All

The Fast EP convert is actually just as good as Alok's heal. While it costs EP, the aura can be kept up constantly.

2 - Xayne's Extreme Encounter

The newest character in Free Fire, Xayne's ability is considered one of the best solo skills to date. Extreme Encounter gives you a temporary bonus of 100 HP and extra damage to Gloo Walls - with the skill active, you should be able to penetrate walls and win a shootout with your bonus HP.

Xayne's Extreme Encounter

This is great in Duo, as Gloo Walls are much more prevalent in this particular mode.

1 - Alok's Drop the Beat

After Chrono's heavy nerf in OB27, Alok has gotten back to the top once again. His Drop the Beat ability is still unrivalled, providing both healing and extra movement speed. Normally, a character's skill can only boost one stat (like Kelly for example) but Alok's skill can do 2 things at once.

Alok's Drop the Beat
Alok's Drop the Beat

It should be a while until any character would be able to surpass Alok. His aura is perfect for Duo mode.

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