Free Fire's weapon arsenal is actually one of the biggest amongst battle royales, with 52 weapons in 11 different classes. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses... however, some are easier to use than others. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 versatile guns in Free Fire that can be useful in multiple situations.

Top 5 most useful guns in Free Fire

1 - Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is one of the newest guns released in the game. It has a very high damage output, with a whopping 85 in damage and 75 in armor-piercing. This made the gun very effective in the late game, against enemies with high-level helmets and armor.

Woodpecker in Free Fire

The high damage output makes the Woodpecker very easy to use. You can use this gun in both sniper and assault build - its capability at medium/close range no-scope is not a joke at all.

2 - SCAR

Overall, the SCAR is the most beginner-friendly gun amongst all ARs. It has low recoil, decent damage and acceptable damage - even a newbie who hasn't play much FPS before would be able to use this gun effectively.

The SCAR is easy to use even for beginners

The SCAR is also easy to mod as well. Its five attachment slots enable a lot of new combinations - the gun should be even better in the late game after you have filled all 5 slots.

3 - AK

After all these years, the AK is still one of the best weapons in Free Fire, with high damage, high range in exchange for a high recoil. Overall, the AK's high damage makes it strong at pretty much all stages of the game and is suitable to go with any build. The 73 range can supplement any sniper rifle.

Free Fire AK
The AK has always been very popular

While its damage is lower than the PARA FAL, the better effective range makes it the superior weapon.

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4 - VSS

The VSS is a weird DMR/SMG hybrid, with a much higher range than the usual SMGs. With 82 range, you can use it the same way as any Sniper or Assault rifle. Sniping is the strongest point of this weapon and you can begin to do that right after picking it up with the pre-equipped scope.

SMG in Free Fire
The VSS is one of the most Versatile Guns In Free Fire

You can use the VSS as a supplement weapon in all kinds of build - both sniper and assault. Weapons with high range are much more useful in battle royale modes.

5 - M82B

The M82B in Free Fire is the only sniper rifle with armor penetration. It also has a bunch of useful abilities as well - like the extra damage on gloo walls and vehicles. This gun is perfect if you need to finish someone off but a gloo wall is on the way. Furthermore, the armor-piercing power makes the M82B strong even in the late game.

The M82B is strong due to its special ability

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