Free Fire has surpassed PUBG Mobile to become the most popular battle royale shooter on mobile in India. While that was partly because of PUBG Mobile's ban, the game definitely has some unique merits over PUBG... and its gun arsenal is definitely a factor.

Free Fire Best gun list

In this article, we would list out the strongest and weakest guns in Free Fire. The Free Fire gun list would be divided by classes, with the last section being the overall top. Launcher, LMG and Melee weapons are not going to be on this list.

1 - Assault Rifle

Strongest: Groza

It is pretty obvious that Groza is still the strongest AR, after all this time. Even after new weapons like PARA FAL and AUG were released, it remains steady on top, with high stats across the board... especially the 75 Range.

Free Fire Gun Name List
Free Fire Gun Name List: the Groza is still the best weapon in the game so far

Weakest: FAMAS

While the FAMAS is deadly in the right hand, it is not a favorite of many people... with the three-shot burst being the main reason. Damage wise, if you don't hit all three bullets of the burst as headshots, you would not be able to kill your enemy.

2 - DMR (or Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle)

While Free Fire merges this category with AR, we are going to divide them into 2. There are 4 weapons in this category: SKS, SVD, M14, and Woodpecker

Strongest: Woodpecker

The newly released Woodpecker is truly overpowered - it has the second-highest raw damage in the subclass... and when boosted with the built-in armor penetration, the Woodpecker's damage potential is pretty much over the top.

free fire gun damage list
Free Fire Gun Damage List: the Woodpecker is one of the most damaging weapons in the game

Weakest: M14

All the weapons in this class are super strong... however, if we are to pick the weakest amongst them, the M14 probably fit the bill. While it has the lowest stats comparing to the other weapons... the true potential of the M14 could be drawn out with Rage Core attachment.

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3 - SMG

Strongest: UMP

While the MP40 comes pretty close to the top with its insane fire rate, the UMP is still the most stable and is the only SMG that can deal decent damage in the late game. It is the only SMG with armor penetration.

Free fire submachine gun list
Free Fire Submachine Gun List: the UMP is the most balanced SMG

Weakest: P90

The other weapons in the class except for the MP40 are about the same... however, the P90 is the weakest as its stats are the lowest.

4 - Sniper Rifle

Strongest: M82B

The M82B is probably the strongest Sniper Rifle in the class. While all its other stats are comparable to the other sniper rifles... it has a host of extra abilities like armor penetration and bonus damage to Gloo Walls and Vehicles.

Free Fire Gun List
Free Fire Gun List: The M82b is the best sniper rifle with a lot of weird skills

Weakest: Kar98k

All the sniper rifles in Free Fire are great - the Kar98k just happens to have the lowest stat. It can still kill people in one headshot if they don't have a helmet equipped, of course.

5 - Shotgun

Strongest: M1014

The automatic shotgun M1014 pretty much has no equal. While its damage is actually lower, you can pretty much spam your shots and get kills, something other shotguns just cannot do. A headshot with the M1014 is just as lethal, of course.

Free Fire Best gun list
Free Fire Best gun list: The M1014 is deadly in close range

Weakest: SPAS12

This is a pump-action shotgun... and because of that, you have only one shot of killing your enemies. If you miss the first shot, it is best to pull out another weapon instead of waiting for the reload animation to be completed.

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6 - Pistol

Strongest: Desert Eagle

The pistol class is pretty underappreciated in Free Fire due to the ability to carry 2 main weapons. The Desert Eagle is actually stronger than most shotguns... with a whopping 90 damage and 74 range.

Free Fire Best gun list
Free Fire Best gun list: people often underestimated the Desert Eagle

Weakest: USP

The USP has the lowest damage potential in its class, with all the relevant attributes like damage, fire rate and range being super low.

7 - Overall best weapons in Free Fire Gun List (based on stats)

Highest Damage

M1887 has the highest total damage with 100 points in the damage stat. That only happens if all the pellets hit, of course.

Highest Fire Rate

The Mp40 has the highest fire rate in the game, at 83. However, it has next to no range - you can pretty much only use it in shotgun range.

free fire submachine gun name list
Free Fire Submachine Gun name list: The MP40 is deadly in close range but useless in any other range

Highest Range

The grenade thrower RGS50 actually has the highest range in Free Fire, at 100 - it is even longer than sniper rifles!

Highest Reload Speed

The USP has the highest reload speed in the game, at 83.

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